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I was wondering if there would be any interest in having a place where people could post encounters they have built, or if one already existed.

If so, we could decide on a format, and some standards, similar to the way people make the handbooks.

As an example, the setup could be something like:

Encounter Name:
Dificulty: Easy/Standard/Hard (nnn XP)
Location (with map(s) images?)
Monsters, tactics, area usage (like terrain)

I know that's not it, but this is something I am very interested in. We could keep this collection going, and people could use them in a pinch, or as a way to get something moving, etc.

I'm 100% sure that will would interest most GMs out there. What could  be better than to be able to run encounters without having to do all the format, resizing, tweaking and time consuming work?

On the other side, the biggest problem of this would be to decide on a common format/program to store them in.

Viva Chile mierrrr...!!!

The format of the encounters should be simple. If you look at anything that WotC throws out there, either through Dungeon or adventure modules, it's easy to follow.


Encounter R1: To The rescue

Encounter Level 8 (1,750XP)

  • Monster 1 (C)

  • 6 Monster 2s

  • Monster 3 (T)

Description: Have the adventurers start in the lower left corner somewhere. When they get there, it appears as a plain chamber, 25-feet wide and 20-feet tall. There are statues in the area, etc. etc.

When the adventurers are placed, read:
A statue in the lower left of the chamber stands as though guarding the door to the next room. It looks like it is ready to attack.

Features of the area:
Illumination: Dimly lit.
The trap: The pit trap description would go here.

Monster 1 will go here and do that. It will use it's daily power right away, as long as it can hit more than 1 adventurer. it will then wade into mele and kill the first thing it sees.

Monster 2s will go to the nearest PC and swarm it, trying to distract it, and disable it.

Monster 3 hangs back and launches fireballs, and stays away from mele combat.

Image of a map can go here.


Monster 1 (MM1)
Monster 2s (MM2)
Monster 3 (King of the Trollhaunt Warrens)
Trap (H3 Pyramid of Shadows)

of course, we have to maintain all of this. Options include a long list in this, or a new, thread, a destop/java app, a web based app, and likely other options.

I would be open to a web based php/mysql application, myself.
It seems like people aren't enthusiastic about the idea. hehe. I thought it was a cool idea. Maybe because most people are players?
There are a few tools out there already that let you quickly build and manage encounters. A library isn't a bad idea but I think the better way to do these things nowadays is to make a page in the Wiki and point to it. Also this particular board doesn't get a lot of traffic.
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It's not just about building encounters. I use some of the tools available, but I thought it could be nice to have a set of pre-built ideas to pick through. For inspiration, tactics, to see how people used it, maps, etc.

Either way, I agree that the traffic in this section isn't there, and putting it in another one might cause people to complain, so I will leave it at that.

See you around the boards.

A bridge too far
level 8 encounter (2000xp)

Have adventurers start at the south end of a 7 square by 20 square room. There is a large 15 square long and 30' deep chasm with intermitent platforms and 3 square long bridge that will be destroyed by any thunder attack that extends to one of them. The bridge is difficult terrain because it is rickety.
Have a guardian naga at the other end hiding. When PCs cross bridge have naga start using Thunderstrike thus destoying the bridge. It takes the PCs so long to cross the chasm the naga gets plenty of attacks against them.
Thanks for the post, but it doesn't seem like there would be enough interest in something like this to warrant a program right now. I wanted it to be sortable, searchable, etc. and not really a huge list that has no logical way to use.

I would like to use your combat idea though. thanks again.

As Otakkun has said, I think there would be huge interest in this.  There just needs to be someone to take the initiative and get it started and then publish that location (probably in a higher-traffic area).  I'm always looking for this kind of info and rarely finding it.  If I need something in the a hurry, I either slap something together myself or grab something from Dungeon.  The problem is that when I slap it together myself, it tend to lack in interresting terrain/traps and ends up just being a straight up fight.
The thing is, that I need help with the layout, the formatting, etc, so I can start building the app.

Maybe I will just slap something together, and see what I get.

I'll update this thread, and make another one somewhere else when I get something viable.
Sounds like a great idea. If you want to make an app, because you think the Community Groups wouldn't work, make sure DMs can navigate it in a way that fits with the game. For example, I might be interested in an encounter featuring wolves. Alternatively, I might be looking for a level 8 encounter. Or for an encounter in the woods.

Obviously, I should also be able to look for a level 8 encounter in the woods featuring wolves
I think that a community group could work to a degree, but the ability to filter things becomes an issue when we start getting a large amount of data.

There would definitely have to be a way to find what you need. This is exactly the type of info I need.

We could have major categories, such as level, environment, creature type (humanoid, animal, undead) etc. as well as keywords that you might like to add to the search.

Also having the ability to simply browse the encounters by category, level etc, is good.

There is also a need to see what type of info we can have in the Tactics, as an example Can we say that the goblin cutter uses it's "specific power name" to do something. I need to know the Licencing stuff. I hate research. lol.

I am going to start putting the framework together and see what we get.
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