Dispelling / Interrupting / Sustaining Rituals?

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Are there any rules for these? I know that some rituals are sustainable by healing surges, but thats about all I've been able to find. Is there any way to dispel a permenant sustained ritual? Or even just a regularily sustained ritual? Perhaps through some sort of an item focus?

What about interrupting one? Does damaging the caster interrupt it? I can see a DM using a skill challenge to this effect, but was wondering if there was another way.

Any info or insights would be appreciated.
"Rituals are complex ceremonies that create magic effects. You don’t memorize or prepare a ritual; a ritual is so long and complex that no one could ever commit the whole thing to memory."

I think as r¡tual as being non-combat only. On some adventures, enemies can be "about to complete" a ritual, and in such case, a skill challenge can be appropiate to account for interruptions, but I don't think any other situation could be possible.

Also: "Interrupting a Ritual: At any time before a ritual is completed, you can stop it and suffer no ill effect. You don’t expend any components or pay any costs until a ritual is completed. You can’t resume a ritual that was interrupted, however, so you do lose the time you spent on an interrupted ritual."

So if a combat occurs when a wizard is casting, he should interrupt and thus saves the material components.

Sorry if this is reviving an old discussion but I could not find a more suitable answer.

What if any mechanic exists in 4e to Dispel a ritual.  Dispel Magic does not seem to apply unless a ritual effect is considred a "zone".

Undead ward for example has a duration of "Until Broken", would that simply exist forever until an undead of suitable level broke it.

This recently came up in a game where our ritual caster warded the entry of a bridge against undead (up to level 21) during an massive scale battle, and the party comfortably sat back and sniped the passing undead.  While I applaud their ingenuity (this time) I want to ensure that it does not become a crutch.
Undead Ward lets a non-undead take a standard to break it.  Some undead allies, such as necromancers,  aren't undead themselves (necromancers, or a summoned beast, etc.).  The undead wizard could have a raven or toad familiar that disrupts it. 

There are other ways to get around the ward that don't break the ritual directly.  Portal Jump or Shadow Bridge for instance, or class abilities like the Ranger's Root Gate (U10), or Psion's Dimensional Shortcut (U10).  

My group used Magic Circle recently to ward an area, greatly simplifying an encounter.  But even though we're aware of it's usefulness it's rare that we get to choose the terrain we're fighting in and are aware of what we'll be fighting, so it's never become a crutch.
True, my work around had I not drawn them out would have been to use a teleport power, or a circle of ruin on the bottom side of the bridge and have a swarm of undead pour out of the hole.

I appreciate your suggestions, and will probably use a few as they fight the Big Bad that escaped the battle.  I really look forward to having a goblin in the corner with a broom, "Hey you, sweep away the ward will you, whadda I pay yah for..."

On a higher level (of thought) my real imputus for the question is I am activly encouraging the palyers to use rituals, we have two ritual casters and a player with a dragon mark alowing access to a school of rituals, as I have not played in a game yet that really emphaisezed them...and I want to make sure this isn't going to haunt me.

Does anyone know if there is an overarching mechanic, ie. Arcane check to beat players will, or Skill check vs Skill check on casting score to remove/disrupt rituals?
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