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it was a broken combo that trivialized any hard encounter.

If you ever need to rein in an out of control healing standard (or Vigorous Cadence, or whatever), note that a lot of things people try to add to it work only on the 'targets' of a healing power. Since there's no target, or the target's not being healed, it's not quite as crazy. I've never needed to bother before, since no one's tried to be broken about it around me before.

That said... how the heck was this a broken combo that trivialized any hard encounter? I don't imagine they were trying to heal more than about 11 per surge (even though the most you can heal at LFR levels should be about 9, assuming both eligible items are at +4, unless some abilities have come out that add to it that I don't know of yet) and sure there are some encounters that will change from a 6 surge combat into a 2 surge combat (And really, the number of surges spent is never really an issue in LFR, is it?)... but _plenty_ of encounters should cope with that fine. They'll just make sure the real fighting moves away from the standard, or pick it up, or the damage will be focused on one character so the extra healing isn't a huge deal - or if the concern is that you're popping being back up from unconscious, then really the difference between 1 or 4 or 11 isn't a big one.
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Unfortunately, the standard can be cheesed a lot. I've seen it produce just ridiculous levels of surgeless healing - especially when two standards are dropped. It was vomit-level of over-effective and I wasn't even judging the table. I actually had my PC not count the second standard because it was so broken in this super-healer's hands. It wasn't a cool move and a hard decision; it was a broken combo that trivialized any hard encounter.

Indeed. I wish the Standards were all daily item powers—at least that would put a little bit more opportunity cost to them.
The Battle Standard of Healing sees some use in our area, particularly in heroic tier adventures. A trickle of surgeless healing means a lot more to a low level healer/party than it does to a Paragon/Epic one. One point of healing is all it takes to save a dying ally, and anyone can trigger a surge on their round to do it - that alone makes it worth having. My cleric usually sets one up by the second or third round of combat, once the initial scatter/rush is over, and the battlefield is somewhat stabilized. Sometimes the fight moves away from the banner, sometimes it doesn't, but its out there every fight if I can help it.

We follow the "character means PC, not monster" interpretation, but even if we didn't, it would make no difference at all in our use of it. You (as the DM who hates the BSH) want to send your monster in to try and uproot the standard? Good! Thats what standards *did* in reality, they gave a nice rallying point for friend and foe alike, and many battles were decided by the slugging match at the banner. It's a nice RP element, as well as a helpful item.

The banner is usually placed somewhere near the center/rear of the party dispersion, so getting to it means provoking OAs, moving into a crossfire, getting surrounded, or at least coming close enough that the cleric (with his range 5 attacks) finally gets to go mano-a-mano with something.

I have yet to see any of the other banners being used, however. Usually non healers value their standard actions too much to waste deploying one, so they won't carry one.
I recall a time where my low surge archery ranger who had a number of statuses (marked , blinded some other penalty) on her when an encounter quickly went from handled to crisis. We had two down including the healer. I ran in action pointed, activated the banner and then second winded before the healer missed their turn. Instead of missed shots and failed healing attempts, I was unbloodied, got two people up and and the banner was set for the cascade of healing that followed as I allowed the various ill effects to subside. I mostly have the banner to soften my character's lack of surges and for the residual trickle of healing my raptor to enjoy but, I was happy I had it that day.
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