Dragon 384 - RPGA Report: D&D Experience and a New Play Experience

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Dragon 384
RPGA Report
D&D Experience and a New Play Experience

by Chris Tulach

At Wizards of the Coast's feature convention D&D Experience, they announced a new in-store weekly D&D play experience called D&D Encounters, which begins its first season by exploring the iconic dungeon of Undermountain on March 17. In addition, Chris gives a little wrap-up of D&D Experience.

Talk about this month's RPGA report here.

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A great man once said "If WotC put out boxes full of free money there'd still be people complaining about how it's folded." – Boraxe

I'm not too sure I'm fond of these upcoming seasons.
I personally take great delight in making my own character, giving it certain quirks of which are MY trademark, it feels a little less personal to have to use a pre-generated character for these campaigns.
I can understand they are previews and everything but I just feel I'm going to enjoy the previews less because I cannot make my own characters.
i have enjoyed the last season greatly, i love 4e's system even more than i liked advanced dnd, but i find i have the same concerns as Ddrkhat.
i dont adventure to duff over monsters and steal their stuff i like to create a character from the ground upand make him me. as far as i have read on the dnd site we dont even get to do a backstory. it puts me off the game having zero say in the character i will play. is there anything we can do?
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