Custom Figures I have Created.

I apoligize for the crappy photos.

These jedi were alot of fun to make. Just used up some commons I had tons of as well as some other figures.


These figures which I am currently working on are For the Slave of Ord Tiberia Campaign that me and my group are working on. The first character is a quarren scout i made using an ishi tib body, dengar arms and blaster, and of course a quarren head. The next Figure is meant to be somewhat like the Anton Chigurh of Ord Tiberia. Gran head and knife and a human body. The Arcona is meant to be a contact within the city. Arcona head and legs with a duro jacket. The Last figure is the Gran gate keeper for the Abyssin crimelord Climp. The players don't know that there is an explosive planted within his body that can be activated by Climp if he doesnt like who is at the door.

These figures are yet to be completed but are gonna be serving as just wandering npcs.  dressellian, ishi tib, nikto, as well as a character from the WEG star wars rpg Greldo farnor. He is part of this campaign as well.
Nice! I like the Nikto in pic 1 and the Ishi Tib head on the Human Bodyguard body looks great.
Yeah, both the Ishi Tibs look real nice to me, but I think I prefer the Jedi.
And that speaker you've got them standing on looks a whole lot like a marble plinth, which is cool. ;)
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Thank you for your kind words! I like the Ishi Tib Jedi as well. I used are very interesting painting technique on the jedi one. I used goblin green and then i took a darker green, diluted it then I just rubbed the green on his face, took a tissue rubbed  a little off when it was drying hten washed the face and thats te color i got.
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