My Christohphisis vision

Christophisis Battle Map

Well I think I mentioned sometime ago that I wanted to do a 3d Christophosis, so I have been planning it, I wanted it to take part on multiple levels, use catwalks as seen, give the feel of a broken city. But I also wanted it to be actually usable as a map.

It has a long strip for shooters, and is huge friendly along the main strip and toward the gambit zone.

Gambit zone is equal from both sides along the main street. If you have melee figures there are a number of options from either end (you can scale the buildings and cross the catwalk on the far side (which is a long way but completely covered). If you have flight or force ability you can go for the catwalks (catwalks can be entered via a flight or a force jump) for free.

Or there are are other methods for getting to gambit quickly, by skipping over the bridges at the back.

I also have a feel that it could be run for scenarios, with one I have in mind is too run so that the first to gambit can switch on a shield that would set up around the gambit zone. With the only one way to break it to go to the far back corner and occupy the space at the back.

It is still a bit of work in progress, the big space in the bottom corner is meant to be a landing pad and would include some aircraft to act as cover.

This will be made from foamcore, styrene parts, and bits and pieces. The crystals from resin coated insulation foam.

chris 4

chris 1

chris 3

And this is the map layout including cover for the main street, this will be a work in progress clearly
Impressive work. Can't wait to see it.
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Very neat! If you wanted, you could put two maps back to back to make it a bit more balanced (gambit is more enclosed that way, for instance).

Just out of curiosity, what rendering program are you using? It looks exceptional.
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Yes I have thought about making two maps, and that would offer more options, but have too admit that a 3d map map of 3 x 2 is enough work for now lol. The gambit is

The rendering/modelling software is called softcad 3d. I don't think the full version is available anymore the company went out of business afaik. Although you can still download some versions off the net for free.

It is really easy to use, and I have thrown that map up in about 2-3 hours of work. Saying that I have been using it a long time, maybe 7 years on and off. Very good for this kind of quick building work.
Very cool! That looks awesome!
Wow, it looks like it would be awesome if you could build that. Looking forward to seeing the attempt.
It will get built, I have the board, ordered the foamcore, and have a piece of foam for the crystals.
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