Invitational Super Series Grinders!!!

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 Why, hello there!  I am evilweevil and, as atma attempted, I am hosting an Invitational with the help of my co-host Theiz!  It will have multiple formats and will contain many of our forums stars.  Invites are based not only on apparent skill, but on contributing to the forums.  Note, that doesn't mean posting a lot, but rather making the forums a better place.  The following have already earn invites:

Standard: Greg, Neruka, Glux, LightningLink
Extended: mntwinsfan, bughferd 
Eternal and also extended: Gamegeek
Special invites: Halo_lover, Mono789, and Royk.

Also, your hosts will be competing, of course.  Now you might ask, but this is only 12 people?  That is what this thread is for.  The final 4 slots will be determined by a 16-man single-elimination tournament.  The format for the grinders is standard.  Sign ups start  If you are viewing this from standard then don't click the link, it's the same thread.  Otherwise click to view the sign up thread.  GO.