Hey, Folks!

As many of you are aware, and many of you might not be, the Marketplace forums (including this one) are being moved to a different location on the site in order to allow us to give them better visibility and take advantage of some very useful features. The Marketplace will now be a part of the Wizards Community Marketplace group.

What does this mean for you?

  • It means that this forum will be locked. No more posting, period. (Eventually, it will likely be archived entirely.) So, if you would like to continue trading through the Wizards Community, you need to move your H/W thread to the Magic section of the new Marketplace group as soon as possible.

    We are leaving the forum open for the time being in order to allow people a chance to copy their posts' contents directly, since copying out all the text and formatting from your Lists into new posts will be a royal pain in the ass when the forum is locked. But make no mistake, it will be locked, and if you haven't copied over your list before that happens, then we will not be helping you copy things over. You have been warned.

  • It means that you need to Join the Marketplace Group if you want to continue trading on this site. While the Marketplace group currently has open membership and it is technically possible to post on the group's boards without being a member of the group, that will not always be the case. Once things are fully moved over we will be changing the group's settings so that only group members can post to the group forums. This will allow us to bar problem users and rippers from the trading forums.

  • It means that you need to spread the word. XIII13Thirteen and I have been doing everything we can to inform the general forum population of the move, but we're only two people, the Wizards Community is huge, and not everyone who has a trades list actually visits the trading forums more than maybe once every couple of months or pays attention to anything but their own thread when they do. Heck, I'm pretty sure a good number of former traders still think the Marketplace forums disappeared entirely when the redirects to them from the various gaming sections were removed.

    The more people we can inform about the move, the less pain there will be in making the transition for all of us. I heavily encourage you to tell your friends, to put something in your signature about the move, to complain heartily in public about what a pain in the butt it is that you have to copy your list over to the new group's forums--anything. Just let as many people as possible know about the move. The more people who know, the more people there will be for you to trade with once the move is finished. (And hey, you might just attract entirely new people to the Marketplace; go you!)

So that's all I have to say. I hope to see you in the new Marketplace soon!

(To get to the area for A&A Minis there, click on the link I gave you at the beginning of this post, click 'Forums' in the sidebar, and 'Axis & Allies Minis' in the 'Minis Tradehouse' section.)

For more information on why this change is being made, check out this blog post, which goes over why we're making the jump to a group and some of the benefits we hope to gain from doing so. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to post them in the Marketplace Business forum.

I hope to see you (and your friends) joining the group real soon.

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