Final Set - Lightsaber Forms

Gwek's "what do you want to see for each faction" got me thinking about what possibilities we have for the lightsaber forms in the last set.

Let's start by going over the lightsaber forms that we have represented:

Ataru Style:  (+4 vs single opponent) - Obi, padawan; Qui-gon JT

Atary Mastery:  (+4 and twin vs single opponent) - GM Yoda

Djem-so Style:  (pseudo-riposte) - Anakin/Vader/Luke (multiple variations)

Djem-so Mastery:  (pseudo-riposte) - GM Luke

Makashi Style:  - None

Makashi Mastery:  (pseudo-parry) - Count Dooku of Sorenno

Niman Style:  (+2/+2 when healthy) - Asajj/Asharad Hett

Niman Mastery:  - none

Shii-Cho Style: (+4/+4 multiple opponents) - Kit Fisto JM

Shii-Cho Mastery:  - none

Soresu Style:  (pseudo-evade) - Luminara JM

Soresu Mastery:  (pseudo-evade[/parry]) - GOWK, Obi JG

Vapaad Style:  (crit range increase) - Mace/Depa/Maul SA (multiple Mace variations)

Vapaad Mastery:  - none

As far as we can tell, these are the 7 forms that we are given to work with (no Juyo/Shien) and it is awesome that we have all 7 forms already represented.

What I was going to ask, is what do you think the remaining forms would look like, and who do you think will have what form in Masters of the Force?

I will start off.  I think the most obvious choice is Vapaad-style Mastery for the new Mace Windu.

It might look like this

Vapaad Mastery:  (Score a critical hit on 18, 19 and 20 and do triple damage with critical hits)

I think Shii-cho style mastery is the least likely choice, and would only be in a new Kit Fisto, (not too likely) Lucien Draay, or Cin Draalig if they made such a characer with his body double all over the place.

It might look like this

Shii-Cho Mastery (+4 attack, +4 defense, and twin attack when there are 3 or more enemy characters within 6 squares)

Niman style mastery is possible with a new Exar Kun, Darth Krayt, or Darth Maul, but i would love to see it on a Darth Zannah miniature.

It might look like this

Niman Style Mastery (+4 attack and +4 defense when this character has more than half hit points remaining)

Makashi style is the only non-mastery that we haven't yet seen. I assume it would look like this

Makashi Style (When hit by a melee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11)
[i.e. parry]

Or, just tell me who you are hoping for or likely to see in Masters of the Force that could have a lightsaber form special ability, and take a guess at what form they could have!

Mace Windu, Master of the Force (Vapaad Style Mastery)
Darth Zannah (Niman Style Mastery)
Luke Skywalker (Djem-so Style)
Lord Hoth (Makashi Style)
Darth Maul, Sith Assassin (Vapaad Style)
Cin Draalig (Shii-cho Style Mastery)
RS 55/60; CS 54/60; RotS 55/60; UH 46/60; CotF 60/60; BH 44/60; A&E 58/60; FU 49/60; LotF 60/60; KotOR 57/60;
CW 40/40; IE 39/40; JA 40/40; GaW 40/40; DT 39/40; MotF 40/40
Considering the change to Soresu, I am all for Makashi to cancel out Ataru, Shien, and Niman rather than just be Parry.
i would love to see an adi Gallia with shien, to me that would be cool, something like this
SHien style mastery_ when hit by a nonmelee attack, this character takes no damage with a save of 11. The attacker then takes damage equal to the damage prevented save 11. 
i actualy used that in a custom of her i made.
I'd love to see Vaapad Mastery on a new Mace. I imagine it would be just a simple addition like your maybe adding triple damage on critical hits. Simple but devastating, I like it!

I was using GMLS last night against my friend who brought Maul SA. He rolled an 18 which I was able to save against (missed the Djem So roll). He hit again on the second attack and then rolled a 19 with his last roll to which he stared at me and in a low, menacing voice he said, "Vaapad..."

Too funny for me. I missed the lightsaber defense roll afterwards and was forced to take 50 damage.
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