Weak Rules and Troublesome Players

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"So, let me get this straight. You are shooting the arrow, while bent over, through your legs, using a blindfold, standing on one leg, spinning a tambourine with your free foot, humming the national anthem and using a unicorn hair for a bowstring?" 

"Yes, its a million to one sh..err.. its cool so it just might work"

I would tend to not bother too much with the realism on the sunrod-arrow, but it just made me think of Terry Pratchet so i had to


Reality is just a continuous stream of failed pereption checks, the dragons are real!

Sometimes it's nicely and eloquently stated, as in zammm's 12/14 12:33 AM post[...]

You really sent me for a loop here--I was frantically searching my posting history for posts in mid-December before I realized the 12 was probably a typo and you were probably on Eastern time rather than Pacific. So thanks for that.

Just to clarify, I'm not saying that the D&D rules couldn't be more defined than they currently are--not being much of a D&D player, I don't know enough about their current state to be able to make that judgment. But I am saying that they can't be completely defined without sacrificing either elegance and playability or realism, to one degree or another, and since at least a storytelling level of realism is one of the major aims of D&D, you're not likely to ever be able to construct a set of completely defined rules that are at once both realistic enough that absurd situations don't arise, and yet streamlined enough that people actually enjoy playing.

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