Winter Walker: Swordmage|Warlock w/ Stunned (save -16 ends) and 175 at-will DPR

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The Winter Walker aims at covering as many roles as possible all at the same time.  

With Prismatic Spray +Arcane Mastery, it covers Controller (close burst 5 stun (save -16 ends)) for most encounters out of a typical day.

With the shadowrift blade +winter winds +winter sovereign teleport abilities giving it an at-will DPR of 113, it handily acts as a reasonable Striker; Lightning Bolt Charge as an encounter ability offers it the ability to increase it's DPR by 75+ for one round (although, for an optimized nova, that is rather weak, but it's still there).  Please note:  The DPR is not meant to come close to a true Fey-Charger, and obviously this build looks like it could morph into a Fey-Charger at any moment.  But by doing that, you would lose out on the controller aspect done above, and so I would advocate avoiding the Fey-Charger build in deference to the AOE stunned (save -16 ends); 161 DPR for a person with that kind of control is nothing to be scoffed at.

Defenses of 48 AC, and 43-44 NADS are not terrible, and combined with a plethora of immediate utility powers that reduce damage, plus the Aegis of Assault, this character offers at least some defender ability.  Note that at the the epic level shown here, the defender aspect of the character is distinctly tertiary which is why no feats to boost the Aegis have been chosen.  (Additionally, guarenteeing extra attacks for your DPR with Aegis of Assault is simply too hard to do without white lotus master riposte, which this build is too feat starved to reach; so the Aegis is not used with an offensive DPR boost in mind.)

Obviously, the Winter Walker does not have any leader abilities; and in fact, to really play the role of controller, the Winter Walker would dearly love to have a leader handy who could increase the Prismatic Burst attack bonus, in order to ensure the stunlock lands on it's intended targets.  Additonally, a leader will help the Winter Walker overcome the damage his own Shadowrift Blade is causing (although Ankhmon's Bracers will overcome most of the damage dealt by the Shadowrift Blade).

If there is interest, I would provide a level by level comparison for this build - via extreme retraining, it is highly viable at all levels, although it switches focus in each tier as new abilities become available; around level 18 is where this build begins to look anything like the completed version presented here.

The last note:  I had originally assumed that, like Feyliege, the Fey Pact would allow me to qualify as having a Fey Origin, but that is not the case.  So, although Dragonborn would be far better if your GM allows Fey Pact to grant Fey Origin, this build shall reflect the Gnome, which has the Fey Origin and adds both Int and Cha.


Gnome Swordmage(Assault)|Warlock(Fey+Star)/Long Night Scion/Winter Sovereign

Str 12->14, Con 12->14, Dex 10->12, Int 16->26, Wis 8->10, Cha 16->26

Feats (NOT chosen in any particular order as yet)
Wintertouched, Focused Shortsword Expertise, Relentless Curse, Arcane Initiate (Ray of Frost), Novice Power (Fire Shroud), Adept Power (Prismatic Burst)
Lasting Frost, Arcane Admixture (Eldritch Strike, Cold), Arcane Admixture (Lightning Bolt Charge, Cold), Epic Fortitude, Spell Focus, Two-Fold Curse
Hybrid Talent (Swordmage Warding), Arcane Mastery, Warding Curse, Arcane Implement (Light Blades), Two-Fold Pact, Greater Swordmage Warding

+6 Cunning Shortsword, +5 Shadowrift Shortsword, +6 Leather of some kind (probably Battleharness - if so, also pick up a few Quickcurse rods), +6 Terror Amulet, Hands of Hadarr, Ankhmon's Bracers, Planestrider Boots, 2 magical sheath's - one for both swords; Skull Mask, Ring of Tenacious Will, Paragon Diamond Cincture, Ring of Free Time (if available)

AC 46 (48 vs cursed target) = 10+15 lvl +6 enh +4 armour +8 int +3 warding +2 feat
F 41 (43 vs cursed target) = 10+15 lvl +6 enh +2 str +2 feat +2 belt +4 epic
R 42 (44 vs cursed target) = 10 +15 lvl +6 enh +8 int +1 class +2 feat
W 42 (44 vs cursed target) = 10 +15 lvl +6 enh +8 cha +1 class +2 feat

Eldritch Strike, Lightning Lure
Fire Shroud, Winter's Long Lash, Lightning Bolt Charge, Wrath of the Pale Prince
Armor of Agathys, Prismatic Spray, Lightning Strider, Frozen Heart
Caiphon's Leap, Shadowslip, Dimensional Dodge, Hero's Defense, Sudden Escape, Winter's Blood

Key Features:
Prismatic Spray (Usable 1/day +1/AP via Arcane Mastery; counts as Cold via Winter Sovereign)
 - close burst 5
 - AB +32 or +34 w/CA = +15 lvl +6 enh +8 int +3 exp
 - decent damage and 3 save ends effects including stunned: targets have -16 to save vs these effects: -4 cunning, -2 spell focus, -5 winter sovereign, -3 terror amulet, -2 skull mask

Fire Shroud (encounter power, counts as cold via Long Night Scion) 
- close burst 3 
- AB +32 or +34 w/CA 
- AoE damage and save ends -11 (-2 spell focus, -5 winter sovereign, -4 cunning)

Lash of the Winter Night (encounter power w/ save ends -9: -5 winter sovereign, -4 cunning)

Eldritch Strike (cold via Arcane Admixture)
 - AB +35 or +37 w/CA = +15 lvl +5 enh +8 cha +3 exp +3 prof  +1 charging (make sure you teleport two squares away immediately before you attack; Aegis of Assault attacks could not benefit from this)
 - 2d6+13 damage (+1d10 w/CA +5d6 curse) + slide 1 + teleport twice (via shadowrift + planestrider boots)

Winter Sovereign: - anyone hit with cold power loses all cold resist until end of my next - anyone failing save vs cold power gains cold vuln 15 until end of my next turn - after hitting with cold power, can teleport 5 as minor action until end of my next turn

Assume that anyone I attack has at least one save ends effect on them and therefore are vuln cold 15 during my turn, and are cursed by me.

Eldritch Strike +37 vs AC 44 = 5% crit (6d6+83 = 104) + 65% hit (2d6+28+1d10+5d6 = 58) +70% 2 teleports for (22 damage = 7 int +15 cold vuln = 44 total) = 0.05*104 + 0.65*58 + 0.7*44 = 5.2 + 37.7 + 30.2 = 73.1
+2 minor actions used to teleport for 22 damage per teleport, 91% chance of this occuring (as only a 9% chance of missing two rounds in a row with eldritch strike, even assuming I never get to use Aegis of Assault) = 22*2*0.91 = 40.04

Total DPR = 113.14

DPR after a miletstone (when you have an extra minor action from Ring of Free Time) = DPR +91%*22 = 113.14+20.02 = 135.16

(This number is actually still about 1 DPR too high; on rounds when you do manage to miss, the next round won't have the option of teleporting away in order to charge in, and your AB will therefore go down one for that turn.)

Aegis of Assault and Lightning Bolt Charge and Salve of Power+Armour of Agathys and Misty Step will all offer regular ways to increase this damage. Lightning Strider will only be used during encounters where Prismatic Burst is not available for use and so the Winter Sovereign ability to bestow the cold keyword on a daily power will be available to use on Lightning Strider, offering another multi-attack+multi-teleport ability 1/day.

A while back I was working on a Shadowrift/Long Night Scion/Frostcheese build but didn't have the attention spam to plug it together.  Glad to see someone else picked it up.  Mine was a Fey Charging Swordmage|Warlock MC Fighter/Shaman though.  Also, I MC'd shaman so I could take the Reincarnate Champion ED, which let me take advantage of shadar kai and dragonborn racial feats.

The Fey Charge version could probably pump the DPR up a lot, since it gets more attacks to trigger Shadowrift teleport damage.

I wouldn't begin to try to calc the DPR, but remember this build has a bad habit of inflicting self-DPR as well from Shadowrift.  The Ring of Free Time certainly helps with this, especially if you stick with the +5 Shadowrift.  The nice thing about the build is much of the DPR is auto damage, making it very reliable.

It's a build with a lot of potential that I'm sure I've only begun to tap.  I look forward to other ideas being added to it.

I assume you mean Prismatic Spray or Prismatic Beams instead of Prismatic Burst.

I'd suggest that you grab Total Aegis at some point, in order to mark multiple enemies.

At what level do you think this build comes together? 

I assume you mean Prismatic Spray or Prismatic Beams instead of Prismatic Burst.

I'd suggest that you grab Total Aegis at some point, in order to mark multiple enemies.

At what level do you think this build comes together? 

Total Aegis isn't great for HYBRID swordmages... at least the interaction isn't that clear.  Depending on how you run it, it could be detrimental.
Nimble Blade requires 15 Dex, so you are out of luck on that one.
What is not clear/not great about total aegis?
Nimble Blade requires 15 Dex, so you are out of luck on that one.
What is not clear/not great about total aegis?

Total Aegis is pretty clear, but how it interacts with Swordmage Aegis (Hybrid) isn't so clear;

This class feature functions as the swordmage class feature, except that you can use the power that you choose only once per encounter. However, you regain the use of that power when its target drops to 0 hit points or when its mark is superseded by another mark.

Do you have to kill EVERY enemy marked to reuse it?
Do you get to reuse it if you kill ANY marked enemy?
What about when superseded by marks?

People tend to forget that hybird swordmage's aegis works differently than a pure swordmage.
Nimble Blade requires 15 Dex, so you are out of luck on that one.
What is not clear/not great about total aegis?

Do you get to reuse it if you kill ANY marked enemy?

Yep, this one.  When its target dies, use the power again.
Nimble Blade requires 15 Dex, so you are out of luck on that one.
What is not clear/not great about total aegis?

Do you get to reuse it if you kill ANY marked enemy?

Yep, this one.  When its target dies, use the power again.

That is certainly the most optimal interpretation, but I don't see anything that suggests it is the correct (or incorrect) interpretation.

The Hybrid Aegis rule says, "you regain the use of that power when its target drops to 0 hit points."

If the target of your Aegis drops to 0 hp, you regain the use of the power.  The rule doesn't say 'all of its targets', or even 'its targets',  just 'its target'.

Dare we use a grammatical analogy?
A car breaks down when its wheel falls off.  How many wheels have to fall off for the car to break down?

I agree with Dirge-Overdrive. Total and Double aegis allow you to pick additional targets of your swordmage aegis. But any of these targets is still a target all by itself. The feats don't change the power's target line into "Target: Two/Any number of enemies."

You can't take the Nimble Blade feat.

Winter Sovereign reqires fey origin. No dragonborn for you.

Where is the Winter's Long Lash power from?
Ah, Shadowrift is nice for this, didn't know it. I've been pondering Winter Souvereign too lately, but on Wizard base and without Long Night port shenanigans (going for permadaze and double pinged frost vulnerability with orbmaster's Sphere instead).

+2 minor actions used to teleport twice each (via planestrider boots)

This is the lvl 24 Winter Souvereign port? That's not caused by a "power", so I don't think planestrider can split it. (Planestrider doesn't call for an innate power tho, so split those shadowrift prts away. This would really like a Feycharger chassis :o)
Where is the Winter's Long Lash power from?

Lash of the Long Night for actual name, presumably. Dragon 374 too.

Solitaire(violet) + arcane mastery would help you get prismatic beams for most encounters and still have an AP to spend.
DPR King Candidates 3.0
How much damage should I shoot for?
You're fired : 1 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .2 KPR Fair Striker : 2 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .4 KPR Highly Optimized : 3 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .6 KPR Nerfbat please : 4 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .8 KPR It's OVER 9000!!!!!: 5 Kills Per 5 Rounds = 1+ KPR
DPR? KPR? KP4R? Bless you
DPR = Damage Per round ~= Chance to hit * damage on a hit KPR = Kills Per Round. 1 Kill = 8*Level+24 damage = DPR/(8*level+24) KPNR = Kills Per N Rounds. How many standards can you kill in N rounds?
How are you gaining fey origin, which would allow you to take Winter Sovereign?  Fey pact doesn't give fey origin and neither does Long Night Scion.  I also couldn't find any feats that give this origin.   
He doesn't. I think he forgot about that requirement in his fascination with draconic spellcaster.

All right - I think there are currently 4 primary comments on this build:

First: Nimble Blade.  I have, in fact, been playing high dex characters for so long I forgot about the requirement.  So I'd drop it in favor of.. oh.. relentless curse.

Second: Fey Origin.  For some reason, I was completely sure that Fey Pact qualified you for Fey Origin, from the original dragon magazine that discussed the different warlock pacts.  I could entirely be wrong about this, in which case, the incredibly inferior eladrin would have to do (which would be -5 total to hit with your eldritch strike from the current build.  Not good...).  Although, you would gain fey step (although, I'll detail below why this isn't useful) and +2 int (which is very nice, but not as good as being a dragonborn).

Third: Using the swordmage Aegis, for this build, at this point, is completely a bonus feature.  You are, in no way, depending on it (see below for why trying to get more teleports isn't really worth it).

Fourth:  DPR (IE, why feycharging is a no go for this build.)  As Urtwink mentioned, this build is NOT all about DPR.  Yes, you could change into a proper Eladrin Feycharger, and get more teleports, and get a higher DPR... but it wouldn't match a 'true' Feycharger (see SongNSilence for that).  This build DOES grant high enough DPR to be amongst the top strikers though; and STILL grants you the ability to stunlock solo's with an AOE attack, that, via Arcane Mastery (which is part of the build) you can do almost every encounter.

Other comments: 
Yes, I meant Lash of the Long Night.  It's only importance is from the virtue of being a warlock power with a save ends effect, which grants more opportunities for vuln cold 15 targets.
There are some extra gear choices (such as the Violet Solitaire) which would certainly aid this build immensely, but asas the build is already strapped for cash, and the solitaire isn't guarenteed to occur (and Arcane Mastery expenditure is generally best done outside of encounters anyway where the Solitaire AP would be unavailable to you), I chose not to list the Solitaire in the gear, even if I would definitely take one if I could.

What is "cunning" that's giving -4 to saves? Trying to figure out how you getting the -4.
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