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So I haven't play extended in awhile. It basically died in my area. Anyway I was scanning through deckcheck.net to see what lists are popular just in case it returned to see what I would play. So I come across a KCI combo list. I know the ornithopter deck runs KCI but this deck is different. It's like the original one from Mirrodin. I thought it was kind of cool. I guess I just want to point it out and ask if it is even some what viable. It took third about a month ago www.deckcheck.net/deck.php?id=31497 .

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I built this deck for fun and it is amazingly fun to play but IMO not viable for extended. That decklist needs some major tweaking, I don't understand why he runs 2 Roars 1 Open instead of just 3 Opens, Roar costs 1 more and has no advantage over Open.

Maybe Chrome Mox for speed for this deck? It's only acceleration is Pentad Prism. It also has no board interaction, maybe EE too? Idk exactly what but there's gotta be a way to imrpove this deck.
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