House of Exile- a drow-themed LFR adventuring company- now seeking players! Expert roleplayers only

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Hi all! Some local players in my area and I are starting a new adventuring company- combined with a series of custom-written MyRealms adventures, and I am looking to see if there are interested participants. This is for Living Realms, but we're kinda doing something ambitious with it.

"House Rilyntel is an exiled Drow house located deep in the Underdark. Recent events caused the elves of Rilyntel to flee their home city, (along with their house slaves and a herd of silk-producing spiders) and reestablish new holdings in a section of caves where they beleive they are safe. But this safety comes at a price, and rival drow houses won't rest until the Silkweavers of Rilyntel are destroyed."

This is is a roleplaying and plot-oriented adventuring company with unique MyRealms adventures that have plot built in, and a dedicated DM (so it's a lot like a home campaign, but within the structure of LFR, and you can always take your characters adventuring on the surface world in regular Living Realms adventures as well--that is, as long as you adopt certain protocols of secrecy and deception).

 You can't just make up any old drow character and join up, but we do want to invite people to take part once we get our primer together.

In essence, we are creating a series of MyRealms adventures that are heavy on plot and intrigue, take place in the Underdark, and are only open to members of the House of Exile adventuring company. I am writing some of them, and some of my CO-DMs in the Glen Burnie/Baltimore area will also be writing adventures.

Some teasers: If you want to make a character for House of Exile:

For Drow:
  • Character names must be approved by our council of three (we want to be as 'in-theme' as possible)

  • The divine power source is only open to female drow characters!

  • Male drow are expected to defer to female drow.

  • No drow have the primal power source in our company.

  • For drow characters, your regional background has to be Eastern Rift, that's where our house was purged. You can choose general backgrounds or any of the others, but the regional one is fairly set in stone.

  • We can help you create your character! Optimization is not as important as theme for us, and we can basically do MyRealms that make this a completely viable choice.

For Non-Drow:
  • Your character could be one of the surviving slaves of the house.

  • Slave characters defer to all drow! You start either completely loyal to the Matron or magically charmed into loyalty.

  • We are reserving these slots for our best and most dedicated roleplayers because we realize how difficult this could be.

  • Rilyntel's guards and servants included half orcs, dwarves, gnomes, gnolls and minotaurs at times. Other characters could be approved on a case by case basis.

 We have a lot of players interested in this already, but if you happen to be not too far off from the Baltimore area and want to to try this out.. let me know!
Zelendri slipped the small pouch into the man's hand, received the scroll, and backed into the shadows. There, upon verifying no one was watching, he opened the missive.

"Interesting. Most interesting. It will be best to watch them. They must not know my plans... unless, of course, they can be allies."

OOC: Unfortunately, I am no longer in DC. I would otherwise be interested, though my Drow Darklock just hit 16th. He will probably have to bring Mask back on his own... The House sounds fun!

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This sounds awesome! I dig the character-building parameters. Should make for a very cool campaign that really "feels" right.
I'd love to get in on this if you happen run any of the games more towards DC/NOVA area.
Does House Rilyntel wish to get in an alliance or, alternately, vendetta  with House Huruafair?

House Huruafair is a half-drow (Crinti) house, who fled Dambrath before the Spellplague and allied with the dwarves of East Rift. They protect Eartheart, and are opposed to the spider-kissers, deferring to other deties (Tymora and Tempus, among others). They accept drow who have turned away from Lolth.

I can't join up (well, I could, but I can't play, I'm in the Netherlands). I do have a drow PC, but he is a Tlabbar.

I have a question.  Based on what I have read about adventuring companies, characters can only be excluded from joining based on IC factors, not OOC factors.

So, is "expert roleplayer" in violation of that rule?

Also, the rules for ACs talk about joining the AC, but is it legal to include continuing rules once the character has joined?  Is there any way to remove a character from an AC, other than for the character to willingly leave?

I'm not trying to interfere with this AC, but looking at the requirements, the questions came to mind.  Based on what I am seeing and what I understand to be legal, the following requirements seem to be the only legal ones for the is AC:

Drow; name from an approved list; divine power source only if female; no primal power source; East Rift background


Half-orcs, gnome, minotaur, dwarf, or gnoll

The rest, while really awesome, just doesn't seem like stuff that can be enforced.  In fact, once a character has joined the adventuring company, I don't think anything can be done if one of the following occured:

-Male drow multiclassed into paladin
-Female drow multiclassed into druid
-Gnome ignored the orders of a drow
-Male drow started ordering around female drow

I think the AC is cool and if people want to play along, I definitely don't want to make waves for them, but I think the OP also opened the door to discussion on whether, in the general case, most of this is legitimate.  Of course, on the reverse side, I don't know what possible remedy exists for a player if they were denied entry into the AC for not being an "expert roleplayer".

If people start abusing an AC, or act like jerks, there is self-regulation: don't invite them for your AC-only MYRE adventures. A DM  can refuse someone in a local game.
The purpose of the AC is fun, after all. If someone is being unfun, people won't play with them - whether they are a member or not. Case solved.

"One house for all of those drow to live in?  It must be awfully big!"

-Malaga, drow bard and exotic dancer from Waterdeep

"Those guys really do live underground, huh.  I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.  And they let their women boss them around?  Wierd."

-Vorgryn, drow wandering duelist from Sambral
Expert Roleplayer is an IC factor. It's kind of the ultimate one! In any case I don't really plan on excluding people, but the whole point of joining this company is to also play in the special themed MyRealms adventures which run at my apartment, and we also plan on carrying a banner at GenCon. And possibly shirts. I weouldn't have advertised it if I didn't want to meet new people.

So no offense.. It's all in fun.

We ARE in the East Rift so I think we would be in a rivalry/vendetta aginst Huruafair!

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