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I have been playing standard for awhile now and i have found that the 1 year rotation is quite annoying so I have decided to take up Extended.

Currently what are the top 3 decks 1 being hte best and 3 being welll you know number 3......


Based on data from the Pro Tour: San Juan Qualifying season, the three decks in extended that most often top 8 are:
Scapeshift Combo
Hexmage Depths
Domain Zoo

however, extended is a fairly diverse format right now, and you should be prepared to face any of the popular archetypes.
I'd say that the Dark Depths-Thopter Foundry deck is the most powerful in the format right now.  Of course, this also means that it's one of the most hated.  Other than that, Domain Zoo, Angel Zoo, Scapeshift, and Thopter Foundry Combo are probably the best decks.
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