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I understand that a shaman and the spirit use the same defences, but for example, if someone uses a power to grant the shaman +2 to all defences, it that for both? And if the shaman has a cloak of distortion, if something more than 5 away from the spirit attacks with a ranged power, would the spirit get the benifit of the cloak, or just the shaman?
I don't have my books on me, just the compendium, but as the conjuration section reads, I think he'd get some bonuses.  "Uses your defenses" to me means I would check my character sheet and see what that number under "Fort Def" or whatever reads.  Bonuses, etc, would count, but effects that trigger off you being attacked or effects that alter how the defense works would not.

Thus, the cloak of distortion's static bonuses do count because they're flat out bonuses to the numeric statistic, but the property does not because it it is a conditional or effect that changes your defenses, not a bonus to your defenses.

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