Last request - Clone Wars rulebook as PDF

Would it be possible to get a PDF version of the rulebook from the Clone Wars starter?

The latest version of the rulebook PDF is the 2007 starter, and there were at least two sets that came out after that.

Neither of those sets have a PDF version of the checklist/rules sheet, so that's two sets of special abilities that are not available for reference digitally. Either putting up the rules sheet from those sets, or the Clone Wars starter would help, doing the Clone Wars starter would be preferable. 
Shortened for your sanity until BBCode/Sblocks are readded.
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You know, in general I really love people who play Star Wars Minis. You could almost call them "Star Wars Minis Gamers." I'm just saying.
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Yep. I don't know when they updated it, but it's the CW version now. That's what I was looking for.
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