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Aside from making it very difficult to form tables of which you'll be a part, is there any rule against attacking your own party in LFR?  (While not dominated, of course.)

I heard somebody say that if someone was going to include you in an attack and you didn't want to be included, you could cancel the action entirely, but that seems a bit much.  Generally I hear people ask if they can include other party members in their attacks, but I was curious if there could be some rules-related reason behind the question as well.

Edit:  As has been pointed out, I misread Forgotten Realms as LFR.  Whoops.
This is the wrong forum for LFR posts (thread will likely be moved soon to the Living Forgotten Realms boards).

The answer is that if an attack would hurt a PC, the player of that PC has to consent in order for the attack to take place. If the player objects, you have to pick another attack. The RPGA rules are a bit badly formulated, but that is the gist.

Most people I know do not have a lot of problem with being in an attack occasionally (unless their PC is in bad shape). But it can happen that people object. Sucks if you are a wizard.

The reverse can happen as well: players asking other players to just center the fireball on them (been there, done that).  And players who then refuse to do that since their PC is a softy who would never do such a thing :P (ditto).

In general, the advice is to play nice.

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is there any rule against attacking your own party in LFR?

From the CCG (p.3): "If you are in control of your character and have an attack that includes PCs in its effect, always ask the players controlling the affected characters if it’s OK to damage or otherwise hinder their character before you make the attack."

Also, discussed here.

For clarity, it doesn't "Cancel" the action, you just have to choose a different action. 

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