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The situation:
1) The modules for our events are ordered by someone else. I'm not actually sure what I'm going to run on any given day. I know which modules have been ordered, but that's about it.
2) I'm ordering Counter Collection Digital v3.0 which is going to be my primary supply of miniatures. Tacked onto foam board and cut into 1x1 squares, it should be easy to bring what I need to where I'm going.

The issue:
I'm trying to figure out what counters I'll need to make in advance. For any given 1-4 module, I doubt I'd need more than a single sheet of counters anyway, but I could really use some sort of spoiler list so that I know which creatures to put on that sheet. Knowing I need 3 skeletons, a gnome, 5 rats, and a bogwombler would do the trick.

Suggestions? Sites?
Ask the person who is ordering the mod to email you the mod (or mods).  If they are asking you to run the mod cold on the day of the event that sucks. A lot.
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