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  This somewhat of a rant.  I like the concept of the RPG and Minis.  What it seems like though when one compares to it D&D is like Zune to iPod.  Other than Campaign Guides there just isn't a lot of products made.  I mean we can use some more maps and tile sets.  Also since it is common to use the minis why not make a set of generic minis that people can use for both games like male human padawan and female bothan gunslinger.  I know it sounds cheesy but I think some of these options would be awesome.  Granted there are a lot of species but you can start with one male and one female of the more popular species and have a figure for a majority of the classes (maybe just start with the heroic classes and see how it takes).  I guess it is good that most of the material comes from the gamers but One would think there would be a lot more product support for something so popular.  It makes me wary to spend money on something they may just pull the plug on.  I'm kidding I love reading this source material, now the only problem I have is finding a group to play this with.
1.  So you're kinda conceiving miniatures packs like D&D is doing right now, with a Warrior pack, Priest pack and so on? Might indeed have merit. But I DON'T know if the LucasArts licensing costs would make it worthwhile. And frankly, we don't know the fate of Saga; if it is indeed on the skids then any new project supporting the RPG is a non-starter. WotC simply has not given any sign.
2. I'd... repost this on the Mess Hall board. I think it'd acceptably fit there; and folks would then actually READ the thread. Tosche Station being like the Star Wars ghetto and all.
"It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt." Scale video that I made with darthvaughn: " SW Minis Scale video Starship Modeler website. Jeff Russel's incredible STARSHIP DIMENSIONS website, with our favourite vehicles, vessels & critters from multiple sources, shown to scale. SQUADRON MODEL's Sci-Fi model kits section. How to make a model conversion to an Old Republic frigate.
Personally I'm not bothered one way or the other about character packs.  I do use my minis for the skirmish game and the RPG.

My big gripe with WOTC marketing SWM for both is that they have not covered the races from the RPG Core Rulebook as C/UC.  While most races are covered there is no generic Sullustan or Cerean.  

I understand that making every race is not feasible, they need to produce the popular races, but Core Rulebook races, c'mon, not too much to ask.
I agree it really makes me wary of spending money on a game that may be discontinued and then restarted two years from now.  Thats what I meant there are no sullustans no cereans.  I mean there were more Jedi than Luke, Kenobi, and Yoda.  There were all kinds of races and not all Rodians are bounty hunters.  So yes I guess it would be similar to D&D although I haven't messed with that for about 12 years.
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