Special SHNN Dark Times Release with special guest Nickname

You heard it, Monday night from 10PM-11PM CST, we will be hosting a very special SHNN just for the Dark Times Expansion Release with none other than Hall of Famer Jason Tanner (Nickname).  Jason will talk about the rules issues for DTs and any anwsers to questions related to the new set.  This will be a great chance for those playing in a midnight release to get their "official" rulings before their event begins.  The special day and time also offers opportunities for those who miss the live show on thurs to check in. 

In addition, Bill will be live at Chicagoland Games DT's midnight release event during the show! 

Come check us out for a very special SHNN during Hall of Fame month and ask your rules questions for DTs live on the air with Jason Tanner!

The website is www.talkshoe.com.  Show id is 63807.  The phone number to call in live is 724-444-7444.  As always, the show is sponsored by Miniature Market for all your SWMs map and mini needs.
Reminder, the show airs this evening!