A Thanks to the Community!

Ok so the floor rules are up as most of you know.  I have been recieving pms of thanks and compliments all day long and I really appreciate them really I do.

But guys it is time to turn the tables to the real folks that wrote these floor rules in a sense.


Please understand I write them.  I base the things I do on listening very carefully to the community.  I then take the fairest elements talked about and put them in the floor rules.  I do this in the attempt to promote fairness in the game and make it a wonderful exeprience for all involved.  As nice as it has been to get the compliments I want you to realize that I cannot do any of this without your input.

I realize we may not agree on every point or any point and that is ok.  I listen to what the community as a whole says and try to make the competitive game better.  I realize not everyone will like the changes made.  Please understand though that if something that has been changed makes the game worse or somehow less fair to everyone involved then changes will be made.  We have had to do that before with the maps when we tried some out unsuccessfully.  So again as the year goes by I will be listening to everyone and understand just because we may not agree about things doesnt mean I did not hear your idea and file it away.

Again dont spend time thanking me.


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Well said Dean.  
Agreed!  Laughing
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its nice of you to put it back to the community Dean, but really it takes someone with an objective ear and the patience and time to deal with wizards to get stuff like this done.

This update is huge for the game IMO and while you are voicing the communities needs it wouldn't have happened without your effort.

So thanks back!

(Proverbs 27:17) 17 By iron, iron itself is sharpened. So one man sharpens the face of another.

Certainly this applies.  As we all do our part to work for the betterment of the game and the community.  We truly do make one another better

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