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Curious about what level you can buy potions and consumables.  It seems that you can by potions of healing at 1st level, can you by other potions at current level+4 in LFR?  And what about consumables?  Could a 6th level character buy ointment of flesh restored?  If he can't is there any other way to remove petrification status before level 10?
You are not permitted to "buy" potions of healing at first level.  You are given an option to take them instead of some or all of the extra gold option, but they are technically part of your found treasure, not a purchase.  All consumables can only be purchased normally if you're at their level or higher.
Check the CCG, but unless it changes, you buy potions and consumables at your level (or below your level). 

The offerings in adventures for consumables are not really part of the treasure, contrary to what the gentleman stated, as you spent the cost in your MORE GOLD allotment for them.  It is a special opportunity to buy specific potion or consumable, that is above your level, at the end of that adventure.  A slight difference in nuance, but as we are not required to place the consumable in the adventure, and if there is one in the adventure, you may consume it, without impact on the settlement at the end.

Keith Hoffman LFR Writing Director for Waterdeep
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