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I have a Barbarian/Sorcerer/Rage Mage and had some questions about spell rage. Rage Mage is a prestige class from the Complete Warrior.

1. Is Spell Rage a separate rage from your regular rage or does it activate within one of your normal rages giving you access to spells?

2. The description is very similar but doesn't list stat boosts or feat restrictions (such as metamagic)

3. We have been ruling it that since I have Spell Rage 1/day, I can opt to make one of my normal rages per day  a spell rage. I get stat boosts and can use rage related feats. I just learned of the restriction for Metamagic feats in the PH1, but wasn't sure if Spell Rage excludes that or not because it is not listed.

There are many prestige classes out there and this one was vague in a couple spots any help would be appreciated!! Thanks,
   Chonen6 ^_^

1.  Spell Rage is seperate from your normal Rage ability.  You may activate it with/during a normal Rage which will give you access to its benefits.

2.  The descriptions of Spell Rage and Rage may be similiar but that is only it terms of the drawbacks.  Entering a Spell Rage introduces additional drawbacks that go along with Rage but allow the character to access spells that would normally be denied while Raging.  I believe you should still be able to access metamagic with your spellcasting provided it doesn't exceed the allowable casting time.

3.  I can't comment on your houserules except to say that Spell Rage and normal Rage are completely DIFFERENT abilities.  You may have more normal Rages than Spell Rages but that just means that you have times you can enter Rage but NOT a Spell Rage which will cut you off from your spells.

Now on a personal note I don't really like Rage Mage all that much.  It has its uses but in light of other gish1 PrCs I think the class should be updated with a d10 HD and full BAB to go with its normal half casting advancement.  If you have access to Complete Mage you REALLY should look at getting into Abjurant Champion with your character.  To me a Barbarian/Sorcerer2/AbjurantChamp/RageMage can make an interesting character who mixes a little bit of magic with a lot of fighting ability.

1  If you aren't aware "gish" is the term used to describe a Githyanki Fighter/Mage that is often used generically to describe any character who mixes martial ability with arcane spellcasting.
2  I'd actually be considering the Battle Sorcerer variant (UA/SRD) as well for several reasons.

Thank you for your help.

So Spell Rage is a seperate rage, but it can still be activated within a normal rage.

4. So that means I would have a cumulative -4 AC if both were rages were active? And at the end of both rages fatigue would hit twice making me go from fatigued to exhuasted?

5. Since it doesn't list restrictions I guess that Metamagic feats are possiblein Spellrage. Would I still be restricted if both rages are active since normal rage denies metamagic use?

  And thanks for the suggestions, I know that Rage Mage isn't a very strong class, but it goes along with my character very well. I am a half-Ogre that learned fighting, and discovered latent magical ability while being enslaved by ogre magi. So thematically the class works very well.
  But I will take a look at these other clasees, because I like mixed physical and caster characters.

4.  Unfortunately I believe the penalties are cumulative so you'd be taking that -4 AC and becoming exhausted after both end.

5.  Given that Rage normally KILLS your spellcasting which Spell Rage then makes possible I assume that metamagic should be usable again.  If you were a Wizard your MM spells are just like any other spell you have memorized but a Sorcerer may run into time constraints.

Now when looking at those other PrCs I almost can't stress enough how helpful Abjurant Champion is for this character concept.  At first level (or may it's second level, I need to check my source) you gain the ability to cast some Abjuration spells with Quicken Spell preapplied; this means that you can throw up a Shield spell (which will also provided an additional AC benefit) as a swift action which goes a LONG way towards countering the AC lost when you then enter Rage.