Custom Lok Durd For Boss Nass

Here is a custom Lok Durd as asked for by Boss Nass.
It's given to him in the same spirit that the celticindian gave me Boba Merc.
So this is my last one for while.

A good workman doesn’t blame his tools. Overall winner of the "Alien Scum" custom contest! Good Trades : Boss Nass;Sith_Slayer;lukey84;Biggsy;Kael_Dro nna;Reysan_Aura;Purple_Wind;The_Fringer Bad Trades 0
wow! nice detail! Im sure Nass will like it a lot!
Freakin' sweet. It's not going to be the same around here without these popping up every once and a while.
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I'm very pleased indeed with Lok Durd as always you've done an outstanding job.

Thanks Again
Boss Nass
great job
Well done, as always
AMS-51 "Dendrite" Connection lost...searching...
Nicely done, proving to me yet again how much I have to learn.
I got Lok Durd in the mail today and he's better in person than in the pictures.

I'm very pleased with this custom and have told CerousMutor that i got it.

Thanks Again
Boss Nass