Dark Times release in Newark, OH on Feb 7

We'll be having our release tourney a little later this time on Sunday, February 7 from 1-4:30pm at GameScape Games (1077 North 21st Street).  We will be finished in plenty of time to see the Super Bowl, too.

Tournament will be purchase of two boosters.  Open both and keep one, the other goes in the pile for drafting.  We'll draft in reverse order in even numbered rounds until all the pieces are gone.  Construct your 150 squad from the kept and drafted pieces - no faction rules apply just for fun. (we may go to 125 if the majority of those at the event want smaller squads - decided before we draft).

$5 fee if you want in on the prize pool (optional) which will be drafting singles based on order in which you finish.  We've got a small group of guys who play more for the fun of it in a pretty laid back setting.  Some of us will have plenty of extras to sell/trade from DT and older sets.  Hope to see a couple new faces - let me know if you need any info or directions or anything.