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I'm currently DM'ing a 4e campaign (in the Forgotten Realms).  The party is still level 1, but assuming the group stays together, my long-term plan is to have the epic tier of play heavily revolve around the Blood War.

Almost all of my knowledge about the Blood War stems from the PC RPG, Planescape: Torment.  Some additional reading online, but mostly PST.

Can anyone recommend any books that would be good to track down to get more information on the Blood War?  Background information, lore and history is what I want.  Preferably in a book that can be easily found and purchased at a reasonable price - not something that costs $100 used on Amazon or requires regular searches through the bowels of eBay.
You could try or check out Planescape: Blood Wars Trilogy by
J Robert King.

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The "Hellbound: The Blood War" box set from second ed. is a brilliant resource. Also has a couple of really interesting adventures.
Hellbound: The Blood War
Faces of Evil: The Fiends
Planes of Law
Planes of Chaos
Planes of Conflict

The first and the last of those will be costly on Ebay, and difficult to find in used book stores. If only there existed a way to scan those out of print books and upload them in an electronic format for people to buy cheaply, something called a pdf. That would be awesome. If only WotC would sell that... oh yeah. :P

Amazing material. But for legal ways of getting the material, Ebay or Amazon marketplace would be good. Or you can visit and find much of the material and -tons- of fan written material.

Or for specific questions, pick the brains of people who might as well have the stuff memorized. ;)
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The "Hellbound: The Blood War" box set from second ed. is a brilliant resource. Also has a couple of really interesting adventures.

Long and Short of it, the blood war is a hell of a long battle between the diametrically different races: The Tanari (Demons) and the Baatezu (Devils). This is a large scale war to anihilate the other using many methods.
Subtefuge (to confuse and misdirect the other forces), all out battle (one force attacking the other) and using third parties to attack the other (such as angels).

The war is further complicated by the Yugaloth, who are the Daemonic arms traders of the lower planes. THe Yugaloth of course being ruthless to the extreme will sell weapons, troops, information and lies to either side.

The angels likewise see options for the Demons and Devils destroying each other, but are careful not to give too much advantage to one side in case the shifted balance causes a catastrophic change and one side actually does destroy the other.
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