Dragon 383 - Channel Divinity: Kord's Fury

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The Paladin Utilities, Kord's Strength and Fury of the Battle God apply your divine sanction, but don't specify how long it lasts. They should probably add "until the end of your next turn".
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Mighty Hew should have a target line of "That Creature," not "One Creature"  The hit line is clearly intended to affect the enemy making the attack that triggered the interrupt, but the power as written lets you attack anyone. 
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The extra damage dealt by Raging Tempest when "the target takes damage from an attack before the start of your next turn" should be upgraded to +2d6 or possibly even +3d6.

As it stands now it might deal 0.5 more damage* than Whirlwind Charge or might deal 3 points less, while Whirlwind Charge also provides a +4 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks during the charge.

*If using a Fullblade, with an Execution Axe it's either 0.5 damage less or 4 less, making the issue even worse
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