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Hi! I'm an American expat living in Sweden and I'm looking to find a game in the Uppsala/Stockholm area. Unfortunately the game-search functions haven't helped me find any stores that seem to participate in D&D events or anything like that, so if someone has any clue as to where I might find a store that runs games, cons, etc., that'd be great.

I'm also up for online play.
You might want to check out the Dalelands group on Yahoo Groups.  That's the region that would correspond to your neck of the woods, IIRC.  You might be able to find some information there.
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To be honest, I personally do not know that many players in that region. In the LG days there was a group in Finland, but they were a bit anti-4E. There were also a couple of players in Denmark and Norway, but not a particular big croud.
To be honest, I personally do not know that many players in that region. In the LG days there was a group in Finland, but they were a bit anti-4E. There were also a couple of players in Denmark and Norway, but not a particular big croud.

Well, that's a little depressing. I was scanning the RPGA DMs section and I couldn't find much of anything, either. I know of one group of individuals who play 4e here, other than that it seems like there is a bit of an anti-movement around here as well. I've had some fairly visceral reactions against the game myself, but I really want to give it a real shot for several reasons.

Anyway, I've found that plenty of stores around here do Magic Nights, but few D&D Delves or anything. Who does one talk with if one wants to set that kind of thing up? I'll see if I can't draw some players out of the woodwork around here...

I would say you need to chat with the storeowners and take it from there. Looking at colleges and universities and local gaming clubs is probably the best way to. You probably need to do some heavy recruitment. It took me the better part of 1 year to get enough people involved in LG in the Netherlands to get things going, and it was speed up by getting help from similarly active people. It is also a never ending process, so hopefully people will take over the torch eventually ;)

Note that in the Netherlands there is a sizable crowd of people playing D&D. It just was/is not really that invested in organized play. I am not sure how things stand in Sweden.
Yeah, well one of my biggest problem, I think, is that I just moved to Uppsala and I'm not fluent in Swedish. I'm pretty good, but D&D is a completely different vocabulary. Swedes are good at English, but my guess is that most of 'em don't want to play in English but I'm also not entirely sure I could run a game in Swedish.. so I was hoping to find a DM so that I could practice the language.

But yeah, I heard there was a big store in Stockholm but I've not found it yet.

There are a number of places where online RPGA play is organized.  The one I'm most familiar with is a Yahoo Group called Online Game Day:


I don't know how many of the games there are organized at European-friendly times (US players will often play on weekday evenings, which, of course, would be the middle of the night for Europeans).  OTOH, one of the organizers of OGD is Maya Deva Kniese, who is European.

Most of the games organized on OGD use either OpenRPG or Maptools.

Hope this helps.

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I know that around here in the Netherlands, it is incredibly easy to organize a game in English. Virtually all players understand it well enough, and I also remember a very fun game in Germany where the DM spoke both English and German and translated my comments as a player were necessary (I do understand German to some extend). I doubt the books are translated into Swedish either, so I suspect the situation would be similar to the Netherlands. Still, things might be different in Sweden, just ask.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm still pretty much without a game, but I've got some thoughts about it and I might be able to get something organized through a local game store.

You're right that the books aren't available in Swedish, but the bigger issue here is that people don't seem to want to play D&D. It's a bit of a shame, really.
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