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I saw in the FAQ about when mailings happen, three-four times per year.

I recently got back into paper Magic and found a local store to play at pretty much as often as I wish.

Since July 2009 I've earned 26 set points (shortly to go to 30+ when they catch up from the holidays), and I want to know if this sort of wait is normal.  My information is updated (and hadn't changed since the last mailing four years before).

Any information is appreciated.

Mailings now happen closely related to set releases. I got my first shipment shortly before the release of M10 in june. My second shipment was sent in september shortly before the release of Zendikar and at the moment i'm seeing talk of the latest shipment being received with Worldwake coming up. I haven't seen mine yet though.
If I'd gotten a shipment in September I would understand, but it's been nothing since June of 09.
I wouldnt know about that either.. you could check if there is even a mention of a shipment being sent or maybe your address info isnt complete. Maybe more clarity will arrive once they start updating the info on the DCI webapp again..
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