1001 Eberron Encounter Ideas (both combat and non-combat)

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With the rise of popularity of 1001 threads, I thought I'd give one a shot. Please number your suggestions and stick to the point of the thread. Thank you.

  1. Chase scene atop a moving light rail, with some inclusion of at least one airship.

  2. A Morgrave catastrophe of some kind (giant-killer plants, odd mechanical monstrosity,      Natural History Museum comes alive, etc.)

  3. A dead body falls from a higher level of towers in Sharn and lands at the feet of the party. There is strong evidence on the body that they are the murderers and many eyewitnesses confrim this.

4. A robbery where one of the assailants takes a hostage. Utilize lookouts in archer form and maybe even negotiation with any of various authorities in town.

5. After the seemingly random attack against the PCs by city watchmen, the bodies of the attackers revert to their actual form (changeling, disguise magic using other race, etc.)
6) (for groups that have or are friendly towards Warforged) A mob of Warforged haters find where the party is staying for the time being and come after them forcing the party to defend themseves (this might be difficult for a good-align party)

7) The Emerald Claw uses a Changeling to trick the party to do their dirty work in killing a potential noble thus leaving them with the blame.

8) The Party members with family have found their closest relatives accused of crime of the highest degree and must embark on a epic journey to uncover the true criminal before its too late.

Chaos always finds a way, who you think Evil learned it from?

9. The PCs head for the Ten Torches Theater in Sharn to stop an assassin from murdering an actor right before said actor goes onstage. The fight spills onto the stage in the middle of a performance, and the PCs must slay the assassin(s), maneuver around set-pieces/the chorus/etc., and partake in a skill challenge to convince the audience that it's "all part of the show."

10. Travelling on an elemental longship, the PCs are attacked by pirates who are in their own elemental longship. When the pirates attempt to board, the elemental rings from both ships clash, creating a vortex of rampant magic that threatens to tear both ships apart. The pirates may or may not care.

11. After retrieving an item for a particular patron, the PCs return to said patron's office and find two versions of the patron arguing over who the PCs should hand the item to. The PCs must use their knowledge about this patron to discern which one is the real patron, and who is obviously a changeling.
12) The party runs right into a equally sized group of adventurers however these adventurers aren't just any regular run of the mill adventurers they are lookalikes of the party with even the same stats, skills, and class levels. Could these be very good changelings or could these be something more?

13) Sharn and such places have been getting an increasing number of Warforged however while this is odd in itself the thing that is most odd about this occurance is these Warforged aren't from the Last War nor are they made by Cannith Creationforges. Could these by the Warforged ancestors the constructs that led to the Warforged we know today? or could one of the House of Cannith gone rogue and secretly gathered like-minded individuals and built in the most unlikely of places a complex to mass produce the Warforged and these are merely the scouts for the invasion.

14) Something has in Dal Quor that has caused the Quori to begin looking ways to manifest into the Material World without needing a host. Could this be some hidden agenda or could this be signs of a darker and more sinister pressence in Dal Quor? The Kalashstar have also begin to mobilize aquiring numerous items of great power.

15) from the depths of Khyber come aberrations never before seen and their number is not few. Research that Artificers have been able to do on these creatures suggest they are made from beholders, Kraken, humans, and Orcs or Ogres. A sercet order of paladins and clerics has called upon the party to travel deep into the depths of Khyber and enter one of the citadels of t he Daelkyr to see if these abominations are by any means the first wave of a renewed invasion from Xoriat or is it merely one of the Daelkyr commanders who lost its paitence for its home realm and Eberron to come back into alignment.

Chaos always finds a way, who you think Evil learned it from?

I've actually done Encounter Idea #1 when i was running my game.....it was hella cool.

16. A fight on one of the lifts in Sharn. PCs get on, lift doors ding close, lift goes up, doors ding open, some civies get on, doors ding close, lift goes up, doors ding open, bunch of cloaked figures get on lift and begin glaring at the PCs, doors ding closed, lift goes up, doors ding open, civvies get off the lift, and the *ding* of the doors closing is covered up by the sound of everybody drawing their weapons. After the PCs kill the bad guys, the *ding* of the doors opening is covered up by the ring of steel hitting the metal decking as the last enemy crashes to the ground as the doors open. Done it. Twice. It's surprisingly nifty.

17. A fight in a foundry in the Cogs. 'Twas the climactic fight in my game, and they managed to save Sharn from having everybody in it during the Race of the Eight Winds from being turned into a zombie.

18. Witnessing the corruption of the Sharn Watch.

19. Handing your players a copy of the Sharn Inquisitive or Korranberg Chronicle with a plot hook or article about one of their exploits on it. 

Gold is for the mistress, silver for the maid

Copper for the craftsman, cunning at his trade.

"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,

"But Iron -- Cold Iron -- is master of them all." -Kipling


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20) One of the most fun chase scenes I have ever run in D&D was a chase scene in an open skycoach through the the towers of Sharn. It was in 3E so I was not particular afraid of people falling out since I set the DCs at just the right point that with action points nobody would really fall. It is the type of encounter that only works in Eberron ;) Had they been higher level, and/or better trained at the Dex based skills it would have been soarsleds.
21. Xendrik giants and giant-sized, ancient, mechanical monstrosities in a fast paced and terrain changing environment.
22. the Inspired in Sharn begin to kidnap Kalashtar in order to learn their secret in order to remove their need for hosts.

23. Giants begin arriving in Khorvaire at all of the ports in massive numbers, players must find out why and stop what is causing it before things get out of hand.

24. Aberrant Dragonmarks begin to grow more common, other Dragonmarked Houses become frightened causing nationwide panic, word of an Aberrant Sibery Mark that converts undead to living sparks Vol's interest.

25. Medani prophets begin prophesing that the Mourning will happen again where, why, and how have yet to be specified

26. Cyrans believed to be killed in the Mourning begin walking out of the Mournland, has someone found the reason for the mourning and begun reviving the dead or is it a trick by a group of Changelings who wish to strike it rich.

27. A new race of creatures begin creeping out of the Mournland with superhuman powers and begin taking up residence only in metropolis' can the players find out where these creatures are coming from, learn why they are drawn only to metropolis' and find out what their motives are before it's too late

28. an expedition from Xen'drik returns with strange new schemas, Merrix d'Cannith begins building new Warforged with powerful results, what will come of this and will the other nations step in to stop him or begin buying these new warforged to suplement their armies, however rumor has it that the Lord of Blades was sighted in Xen'drik a few weeks prior, what does this mean and could this be one of his plots to gain control of the world.

29. Dragons begin flooding Khorvaire and taking roost in dragonmarked enclaves, what is causing this, why are the dragons only interested in those with dragonmarks, and what may come of this 
30. Bulletes begin attacking Lightning Rails, House Orien begins hiring adventurers to deal with this problem (and it also gives quite a cinematic feel if done right) 
31. A skyship crashes and the elemental trapped within breaks free and begins to take revenge on his former captives.

32. A new  religious leader starts saying that the Mourning was the work of (one of the) gods and they should finish what he started by killing the remaining Cyrans. Riots insue....

33. One of the aberrant Dragonmarks becomes common enough to form its own house, one (or all) of the players has the mark and must help them to set up the house, against the wishes of the other houses.

34. The players have to help a group of friendly gobilns run an inn in Sharn.

35. The players take part in or watch a race held in Sharn, starting in the Cogs and finishing on the highest tower. The participants choose their own route, one of the other runners starts playing dirty (placing traps, etc), what do the players do?
36. across Eberron the Inspired begin to grow ill, is this a psionic disease, is this a Kalashtar bioweapon, or is it something effecting Dal Quor and if it is what is causing it and why. 

37. Death Giants (MM3) begin migrating to the Eldeen Reaches in hopes that the druids know a way of ending their millenia-long suffering, causing panic as they cross the southern nations, however not all of the giants believe that this the right choice for their people and skirmishes begin breaking out along the route spilling into crowded cities, can the players aid these weary giants or will the Giants have to be put down for the safety of Khorvaire. 

38. an Aerenal elf in Sharn frequents the NightShade apothecary and durring a vision learns of a nefarious plot from his ancestors

39. Daask begins smuggling symbiotes into Sharn and overnight become vogue, can the players convice the people of Sharn of the dangers of their new attire or shall the people of Sharn let themselves fall into the grasp of the Daelkyr.

40. Entering the mournland equiped with a pair of goggles that can see the souls of the dead the players quickly realize that in death, the spirits still live and are still fighting the last war, however they are not fighting against themselves but rather strange demons, after speaking to a few of the dead soldiers you realize that it is a fight to survive in order to be raised from the dead. can the heroes help end the game or will they be called to play it as the demons begin attacking them as well

(I stole the idea for #40 from square enix's The World Ends With You but it's an awesome game and easily lends itself to the mournland). 
41. the characters are transported to Dal Quor and begin fighting their players.

42. Shae Mordai (nuff said, Aerenal is awesome)

43. the players get teleported back in time to just before the Mourning and have to make the choice of whether or not to let the mourning happen.

44. Droaam (nuff said, i like watching my players squirm in their seat as they attempt to keep themselves from killing at the towns people)

45. Darguun (nuff said, i love watching my paladin get himself in trouble trying to free the slaves)
46. Lynch mob attempting to kill a supposed criminal instead of letting the Guard do it.  (For a twist, let the mob have managed to corner a real criminal, such as a serial killer.)
47. Greensinger druid completely out of their depth in a large city, and to make things even more fun, under the effects of an alchemical concoction that lets them see the spirits around them.
48. while in the Lhazaar Principalities the party finds a ship captained by a peg-legged, super tall, bearded Warforged pirate captain, however one night while exploring the ship they find out that the captain is actually a young girl in a hollowed-out Warforged body (using her long hair as the beard), should they tell the crew or do they already know, if they do tell what will her crew do, is she a young lhazaar princess-in-training or is she just an adventurous youth, and for an added twist, Malenti Suhaugin are after them on the order of one of the Lhazaar princes.
49. the Blood of Vol begin to convert to the Undying Court (nuff said, just imagine what kind of chaos will insue especially with sentient undead)

#48 I've already done with my group with surprizingly funny results (and the story was far more complex, but that's just a start)
50. out of nowhere throw in a random adventure hook from one of the books (from the appropriate country of course) and see what the players make of it, could it be a conspiracy!?
51.  While the party is in Karnnath they run across a Karnnath Zombie Soldier hiding in an ally way.  It's curled up in a corner and covering itself with discarded clothes.  When the PC's approach it asks, "What has happend to me?"

52.  A man claiming to be the real Kaius III finds the PCs and explains his plight.  In reality it is a changling working for the Blood of Vol who is trying to oust the current king of Karnnath.

53.  The PCs are hunting a beholder that is hiding in the Shadow Marshes.  They are helped by a kind orc druid gatekeeper.  They search gets them no where and the druid seems to be acting funny.  One night the PCs tail the druid and follow her to a cave where they find the beholder hiding.  The druid brings him food and begins a game a chess and having a nice dinner.  When the PC's confront them they discover that the beholder is trying to save his people.  Beholders don't belong in Eberron and their being there has brought to them maddness.  This can go a couple of ways.  The druid can be mindcontrolled, or the beholder is telling the truth (as was happening in my game) and an evil beholder shows up along with it's cult to kill the traitor.  After all that was done and both beholders were dead an angry mob showed up to kill the druid (whom the players defended and I got the best roleplaying out of them ever since they cared for the druid so much).

54.  The ruler of twon towns both decided they want each other's town and wealth for themselves. They each hire Merc's, kobolds, and anyone else who can be swayed to attack the other town in preperation for a major attack. Do the heros try and stop it, or take the pay from one town and help in the takeover?

55. Start with the above, but have the party try to play both sides of the fence and get as much gold as possible from both towns. Really nice for a "evil" game.

56. the Circles of Visions (City of Stormreach) show a regal giant which gives a message from the ancient past that contains secrets that will return the giants to their former glory, creating an uproar amongst the people fearing the giant's return, what does the Rushem'e giants do about this, and what could this mean for Xen'drik.

57. an artificer attempting to tap into the essence of Stormreach via the Circle of Visions recieves instructions on how to set Xen'drik right via the shock given from tampering with the circles.

58. a kobold seeks out the party in hopes of finding a dragon master (i did this with my group with some interesting resulting adventures)

59. Lord Boromar and his aide Vikan (both from the EH) hire the players to bring a giant back from Xen'drik to get a second opinion on the pilliars brought back from the site where Boromar recieved his wasting curse, what happens when Imre (also from the EH) attempts to sell the pillars before they return with the giant and what happens when it is found out that he has been selling artifacts on the black market and working for the Aurum, what happens when Imre's status becomes known, how deep does this plot go, who has been buying the artifacts and why.

60. a map is found revealing the location of every dungeon and ruin in Xen'drik, what happens when this map is copied, will a rush to collect the items hidden in the contenent threaten to restart the last war, what happens when the Lord of Blades begins plundering the ancient forges, will Vol collect the sanguinous tome (SX), what happens when these two forces meet, who else is in on the rush, and what effect will this have on Eberron.
61. The PCs must visit the Crimson Monastery in order to get the information they need to complete a particular ritual. When they arrive, nothing, living, dead, or undead, can be found inside. The locals in Atur have no idea this has happened, and the PCs are likely the first to discover the disappearance of the Monastery's inhabitants.

62. King Kaius III is a hair's breadth away from marching on Taer Syraen, who refuse to accept his embassies. He decides to give the Eladrin of the tower one last chance, choosing the PCs as his envoys.

63. The PCs prevent a cadre of Silve Flame Purists from lynching what appear to be two totally innocent women for witchcraft. Little do the PCs know, but the Purists were right. The two women are Infernal Pact warlocks who have made a deal for power with the Devil warlords of Shavarath in return for their souls.

64. from #51, have aspects of the Undying Court become part of the rituals to create Karrnath's undead army resulting in undead with memories, or perhaps a undying created away from Aerenal, or better yet, a hybrid), is this soldier actually a undying soldier or is it a case of mistaken identiy for a down on his luck elf from the line of Jhaelain.

65. King Kaius has miraculously been cured of his vampirism, free from the curse of Vol he now begins an all out campain against Vol herself with the players on the front lines.

66.  The Shadow in the Flame (the demon bound by the silver flame) takes control of the Keeper of the Flame.  Now the PC's have to join High Cardinal Krozan in stopping the Keeper from completing a ritual from extinguishing the Flame and releasing the demon bound within.  (As a fun twist Krozan uses infernal aide to help the PC's)

67.  The party becomes a living manifestation zone (through the stopping of some eldritch machine).  The are linked to the realm of death and now everything they kill rises as a zombie (which are fully under their power but these zombies are useless for combat and follow the PC's everywhere).  The PC's either have to figure out how to end the zone or move to Karrnath.

68.  (This one is my player's idea so props go to Bork for this one)  The reason the kingdom of Galifer ended was due to an artifact becoming lost.  The crown of unity (which became an artifact once Galifer united Khorvair) was worn by every king/queen.  No one actually knew that the crown magically unified the country.  When Jarot (or whoever the king was right before the Last War) died the crown was stolen and replaced with a fake.  Hence why his children fought over the throne and the War started.  Some fun questions would be - Who stole it?  Where did it end up?  What will the PC's do with a crown that can unify Khorvair?  What will people think about an "artificial" peace brought on by an artifact?

69. Jaela Daran (nuff said, I loved seeing the face my paladin friend made as he realized that the little kid he'd been blowing off for the past hour is the pope, who immediately sicked Skaravojen on him)

70. Jaela and Lady Vol agree to meet for a tea party

71. out of nowhere the Traveler appears bearing gifts, only for the players to realize that the items they've recieved are stolen from various places (mostly royal treasuries and dragon hordes)


72. Someone is murdering dragonmark heirs and removing the portion of skin their dragonmark manifests on. Are they attempting to duplicate the dragonmarks? Are they collecting them in belief they will unlock the Prophecy when all forms of the dragonmarks are combined? Is a dragonmarked member of the party the next target?

(Thought of this one on my way back to work. First attempt.)

73.  The party is asked to help out House Cannith to develop a new way bind elementals to air ships to make them work faster.  The party is asked to trap an elemental in an artifact and then deliver it.  When the PC's do this and they release the elemental to be bound to the ship they are sucked into the arcane matrix as well as the elemental.
74.  (A total rip off of the Matrix but as a DM I am to be entertaining not original) Someone develops an Abbearant Dragonmark that can be used to make anyone into the bearer of the Mark.  The new copies also have the Mark as well and can continue making more of themselves.  Set it up in Sharn and you pretty much got the Matrix.
75.  King/Queen (insert favorite leader here) has been poisoned by a rare venom that can only be found in Q'barra.  The poison is very slow and makes the person go mad.  Before the PC's are involved strange edicts are announced by the king/queen.  Once the PC'sare brought it the king/queen has an estimated week to be healed before he/she turns into an unrecoverable loonie.  The PC's need to find the creature that makes this venom and bring back a sample to House Jorasco quickly.  The creature that possesses this venom is a Yaun-ti Anethema and there are only a few in Q'barra and they are fiercely guarded by their yaun-ti worshipers.

76.  The Lord of Blades has completed the Godforged.  From the mists of the Mournland this colossalwarforged is moving slowly by surely to Sharn.  The Lord of Blades rides atop his latest follower, ordering it where to go, and declaring war on the meat-bags that infest this world.  The Godforged is actually a very complex construct that is ran by multiple warforged followers (think the Borg but in a person and not a geometrical shape).  The PC's could try to fight it from the outside but there is potential to make the Godforged a giant dungeon, with the Lord of Blades waiting on top.

77.  Someone has been killing the dinosaurs of the Telenta Plains.  It's causing the halflings to become more vicous and distrustful to outsiders.  Who is killing the halflings way of life and to what end?

78.  The Skyway is falling!!!  (Albeit slowly so the party can do something about it but still the freaking skyway is falling)

79.  The party is heading to the Lhazarr Principalities when their airship is shot down and they are "rescued" by the Dread Pirate Robots, the most dangerous warforged pirates to ever sail the seas.  The party is taken captive and are being shipped out to Sarlona where they will be sold as slaves.

80.  An ashbound druid is venturing out of the Eldeen Reaches to Aundair raiding and killing anyone who has even heard of arcane magic.  The PC'sare asked to deal with this problem but the druid is hiding within the forest of the Great Druid and is under protection of the druidic sects.  How are the PC's going to get to one person when an entire nation is guarding him?

81.  A human woman claims to be the voice of the Dragonic Prophecy.  She successfully predicts all sorts of things that happenedand are going to happen.  She is taken into custody by (insert your favorite country here), but she predicts that in 2 days time she will be freed by wings of the elements.  The party is asked to guard her at day two for fear of losing her.  That night the tower the party is guarding is attacked by a group of dragons from Argonessen. 

82.  While exploring a dungeon the party finds a huge pile of gold.  All of the coins were minted recently but there are no signs that anyone has entered this room in years.  The party accidentally discovered an extra planer room that is used by House Kunderak for storing gold.  (How they stumbled into an extra planer room is up for debate)  Regardless the party is going to be hunted by House Kunderak for accidentally pulling off the greatest bank theft ever.

83. inspired by 49, Lady Vol herself converts to the Undying Court (i desperately want to use this idea on my players but can't find a believable reason, or a DM who shares this view)

84. from 82, the party has stumbled upon a secret entrance into the impregnable Temple of Kol Korran in Stormreach and along with the impossible sum of money they have uncovered the secrets of House Kundarak, what is this secret, why was this dungeon linked to the Temple of Kol Korran, to what ends will house Kundarak stoop to in order to keep this secret

85. from 78, the the manifest zone of Syrania on which Sharn is built is beginning to fail causing Skyway to fall slowly from the sky (and causing the towers of Sharn to begin to crack, crumble, and fall), what is causing this, if this is being caused by someone what is their motivation, or is something wrong in Syrania causing the manifest zone to fail

btw 76 sounds like a let down, defeat a colossal warforged just to fight the Lord of Blades seems anti-climactic and dry, switch the order and then you've got a challenge and a world of story ideas, also 81 already exists, Jaela Daran

86.  The party hears about an ancient dwarven artifact that is known as the Anvil of Creation.  This artifact enchants any piece of armor or weapon that is made using the anvil.  House Cannith is willing to kill for this Anvil and now that it's location has been discovered Cannith is sending the PC's into the depths of Kyber to retrieve it.  Unbeknowest to the party when the Anvil was made all of the dwarves that helped made it were killed by the magic that was infused into it.  These lost souls became a forgewraith (an uber-ghost of fire and shadow) and attack anyone that uses the anvil.  Needless to say Cannith is not happy about getting a cursed artifact.
87. at a Karrnathi press conference a young child begins throwing pieces of undead upon the stage, to the misfortune of the ill-worded speaker 'lend me your ears *splat*, lend me your hearts *squish*, lend me your'... etc., I did this once with my players and got a huge laugh.

88. (for a player of house phiarlan) you are tasked to take out a target at a carnival, however you must make it look like an accident (or have an escape plan should your plan fail) and you only have the following items at your disposal, a chair, a dagger, a circus tent, a mirror, a shovel, a trampoline, the target, and a hippo, what do you do.

4th OF JULY  encounter and #90

89. Droaam decares itself as an independant country separate from Khorvaire

90. a shipment of silver-faerie fire rockets have been stolen from FlameKeep a few short days before the SilverTide festival, can the players get them back in time to celebrate the Thranish holiday 

91. the dead grey mists rise from mournland to reveal cyre reborn, literally, children walk the rebuilt streets of Cyre, what has caused this bizare turn of events, was it something built into the mourning, is it a plot by the Lords of Dust, lady Vol, or perhaps the Traveler, what do these children know, what are they keeping hidden, it's up to the players to figure out 

92. the shattered ruins of Xen'drik rise from the sea to the surprize of the entire world, tidalwaves rock Khorvaire and Aerenal following the sudden surfacing  causing distruction along the coasts causing people to rush back to their homelands to clean up and repair, meanwhile, scholars across Khorvaire flock to Xen'drik any way they can, causing problems for House Lyrandar and Orien as they find their enclaves filled to bursting with people trying to get to the southern contenent, when they arrive they find that the giants and drow are just as dumbfounded as anyone else but find that the draconic curses have lifted which promptly causes argonnessen dragons to flock to Xen'drik as well to investigate this bizare turn of events, can the players find out what caused this and keep the peace as the world of eberron gets turned on it's head 
As a twist to #91, make the children age rapidly, about ten times the normal for their race. Humans die within ten years, and to make matters worse the children are the reborn versions of everyone that died in Cyre during the Mourning. Removing them from Cyre kills them instantly.

93. The PCs discover evidence that Kaius III is Kaius I and that the real #3 is in Dreadhold. What do the PCs do with this information? Confront Kaius? Go to Dreadhold?

94. The PCs find a drow elf selling a map to the Ring of Storms. The drow woman is an Umbragen trying to enlist aid against the aberrant army knocking down the doors, and even offers to escort the PCs there if they buy the map.
89. Droaam decares itself as an independant country separate from Khorvaire

It is an independent country - Khorvaire is a continent, not a political entity.  They aren't necessarily politically recognized by all the other nations of Khorvaire (especially Breland), but they are independent.  On the other hand, some really fun magic could cause the land to become a sort of arcane entity unto itself surrounded by mists or the like.  Breland might actually drop its land claims at that point.

95. Welcome to the sewers of Sharn.  Unlike New York City, there really are alligators down there, rats the size of goblins, cannibals (some of the aforementioned goblins, among other things), and all sorts of fun diseases.  Not to mention the occasional water elemental, otyugh, or slime.
96. the Undying Court and the Blood of Vol join forces to abolish death

97. the players are drugged and transported to Argonnessen to participate in a battle between rival dragons in the Vast
98. the players must rub elbows with the upper crust of sharn in order to prevent an assassination attempt on King Boranel
99. every time the players try to dig for dragonshards they find a beholder's lair

HOORAY!!! the 100th eberron encounter idea! =D
seeing as this is a semi-momentous moment, it needs to be earth-shatteringly awsome/epic and how better than with this...

100. Kyber breaks it's way out of the center of Eberron through The Glowing Chasm! 

101.  Outside a flooded mine in the Mournland the PCs are accosted by the ghost of a young halfling actor who was forced to abandon his craft and work in the mines to support the war effort.  He has spent all the intervening years as a ghost reciting lines in the hopes of making his acting skills so great that he can repay the cost of being raised.  He will plead with the PCs, first in an amusing theatrical manner, then more desperately.  If the PCs look like leaving he'll use magic jar to possess one and try to swim into the mine and retrieve his body (an undertaking the possessed character is unlikely to survive).

I plan to run this one next session. 
i love the idea of 101, work with it! but i'd make it even harder (depending on your group's level of course)have them face colapsing areas of the mine (the wood holding it up has rotted away most likely, treat it as your typical trap) trapping them in parts of the mine or crushing them beneath it (put in an air bubble every so often so they can come up to breathe but space them out so that it's a challenge). finally reaching the poor halfling's body have them find an entrance back up to the surface (think National Treasure #1 mixed with National Treasure #2), for added problems, along the way have them face underwater/underground monsters such as a water elemental or an aboleth.

102. (WARNING SPOILERS!!!)(as an added challenge at the end of The Voyage of the Golden Dragon) upon returning to Sharn one of the upset parties (take  your pick) attempts to to assassinate the adventurers. though vague here are some ideas depending on the angered party: the Thranes, upset about the murder of their cardinal believe the adventurers are to blame and send Argentum troops to seek revenge; House Lyrandar hoping to cut their losses in the face of many problems that plagued the ship during it's voyage wish to silence the crew and the adventurers so that the bad press cannot reach the ears of the people (another bomb or hired assailants work best), the mysterious benefactor that completed the ship (and potentially orchestrated the problems that befell the ship) wishes to silence the adventurers that foiled their plans to restart the Last War (depending upon the benefactor, tactics could be different), and the drow... wishing to cause panic and kill the adventurers they attempt to snipe the adventurers (their poison downing the adventurers for later torture) and use an elephant to cause panic and a distraction in the city (a single drow ranger with an elephant animal companion works best in this case).
103.  The party receives evidence from a secondary ally/patron (someone in House Sivis maybe) that another patron/ally of the PCs died on the day of mourning.  Is the evidence a fabrication?  Or is their patron not really who he seems?

104.  Expanding on 103.  The patron is an imposter, but he doesn't know it.  He is actually an high level dragon who helped the person he is impersonating perform an action that caused the day of mourning.  His dragon superiors in argonessen discovered his involvement and punished him with a powerful transformation/curse that leads him to believe he is the man he is impersonating.  In this guise, he is overcome with a compulsion to aid refugees of cyre throughout Khorvaire while believing he truly is the person he is impersonating.  Tie this in with a seeming unrelated plot thread where the PC's are investigating/pursueing some of this punished dragon's original accomplices in this great crime (Rhakshasa from the demon wastes...).
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