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Hey all,

Thanks again for your help. Gathering all of these changes quickly enough that we can make changes for the compiled issues would not happen without this group’s efforts.

Dungeon 173:

Those Once Loyal -

Angels of Great Valor: Change Initiative to +18 and Perception to +14.


Bronzeknuckle Brothers -

Added the following attack bonuses and defenses to Ekud Bronzeknuckle.
Dire Radiance: +12 vs. Fortitude
Acamar’s Tide: +11 vs. Fortitude
Death Breaks the Prison: +11 vs. Will

Dragon 382

Class Act: Invoker –

Fragment of Sehanine: Change Divine Flood to Divine Manifestation. Add “for each mile stone you have reached today” to milestone section.

Fragment of the Raven Queen: Change bonus to intimidate to a feat bonus.


Class Act: Warlock –

Ruinious Phrases: Change target to “One unattended medium or smaller non-magical, inanimate object in burst”

Unspeakable Bond: change to 6th level.

Brimstone Caress: change to 10th level.

Devil’s Favor: Remove defenses from list of bonuses.

Flittering Shadows: Change Prerequisite of Shadow Walk to Warlock’s Curse.

Dark Thaumaturgy: Change benefit to reflect the number of miles stones you have reached today.

Beguiling Curse: Remove this feat from the article.


Class Act: Avenger –

Avenging Shackles: Add Level 21: 2d8 + Wisdom modifier damage. Special changed to  read “You can use this power as a ranged basic attack”.

Life drinking covenant: change hit line to read “3d8 + Wisdom modifier necrotic damage, and until the end of your next turn the target takes 5 necrotic damage for each square it moves.”

Sacred Arena: Add Teleportation keyword.

Brand the Soul: Add Standard to action type.

Radiant Beaconing: Changed hit line to “5d8 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and you pull the target 5 squares to a square adjacent to you.”

Wings of Pursuit: Change effect to say “Until the end of the encounter, on any of your turns that you start without your oath of enmity target adjacent to you, you can use the following action”

Class Act: Fighter –

Bodyguard’s Stance: Change effect to “Whenever an ally adjacent to you takes damage, as a free action reduce that damage by 5. You must use this ability anytime you are able. When you do so, you take 5 damage, this damage that can’t be reduce of redirected in anyway.”

Resolute Shield, Deflecting Shield, Entrapping Shield, Warding Shield, and Battering Shield: Change “Requirement: Shield” to “Requirement: You must be using a shield.”

Battle Fury Stance: Change special to read “This stance ends when you spend a healing surge. You can end this stance as a free action during your turn but not on the same turn that you activated it.” Remove “You cannot end this stance on the same turn that you enter it.” From the effect line.

Weapon Master’s Strike: Change hit to read
“Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage. In addition, the target takes an additional effect based on the weapon you wield.
Axe: The target takes extra damage equal to your Constitution modifier.
Mace: You slide the target 1 square.
Heavy Blade: Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +1 power bonus to AC against the target’s attacks.
Spear or Polearm: Until the end of your next turn, the target provokes opportunity attacks from you when it shifts.”

Martial Supremacy: Change effect to read “Until the stance ends, whenever you use a fighter at-will attack power or basic attack that has the weapon keyword, you may reroll the attack roll. Use the second roll, even if it’s lower.


Class Act: Druid –

Venomous Fang Form: Change benefit to say “While you are in beast form, all your melee attacks with the poison keyword ignore the first 10 points of the target’s poison resist. This increases to 15 points at 21st level.”

Primal Serpent: Add (save ends) to end of hit section.  


Power Play: Arcane Power –

Muse Sprite: Change Bearer of News to read “The muse sprite can deliver a short written message to someone up to 5 miles away for you”

Stride of the Gallant: Change from an encounter power to a daily power. Change effect to read “Until the stance ends, you gain teleport 3 as a move action, but you must end such teleports adjacent to an enemy.”


Power Play: Primal Power –

Lugo’s Hunt: Change range to personal

River of Life Gloves: Change magic item slot to Hand not Arm


Know your Role: Controller –

Penetrating Power: Page 10: Replaces a utility power of 9th level or higher, change to 10th level or higher.

Winning Races: Drow –

Venom Master: Change benefit to read “When you hit a creature with your darkfire racial power they gains vulnerability 5 poison until the end of the encounter.”

Secret Recovery: Change benefit to read “When you succeed on a saving throw to end an effect, you can as a free action shift 1 square and make a Stealth check to hide if you have superior cover or total concealment.

Spider Charmer: Add the implement keyword. Change powers name to Spider Charmer instead of Lolth’s Compulsion in the benefit and power title sections. Remove special line. Add divinity keyword next to feat name.

Drow Ecclesiastic: Change powers name to Drow Ecclesiastic instead of Lolth’s Revenge in the benefit and power title sections. Remove special line. Add divinity keyword next to feat name.


Winning Races: Elves –

Dusk Elf stealth: Add [Elf Bloodline] next to the feat name.


Swordmage Essentials –

Aegis of Accuracy: Change benefit to read “If a target marked by your Swordmage Aegis makes an attack and doesn’t include you as a target, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against the marked creature until the end of your next turn.”

Echos of Sword Magic: Change hit line to read “Hit: 2d6 + Intelligence modifier thunder damage, and the target is marked by your swordmage aegis until the end of your next turn. Marking the target in this way does not remove the mark on another target affected by your swordmage aegis.

Change Extended Teleportation, Vigor of the Blade Adept and Deadly Immobilization to allow swordmage paragon path powers as well as swordmage powers.


Assassin’s Toy Chest –

Keeper of the Black Flame: Change benefit to read “When you hit a target that has at least one of your shrouds on it with your darkfire racial power the target is subject to an additional shroud.”

Horn’s of the Shadow Reaper: Change benefit to “When you charge and use your goring charge racial power and the target has at least one of your assassin’s shrouds on it, you gain a +2 bonus to your attack roll and, after resolving the attack, you can shift half your speed as part of the charge.”

Fade into Shadow: Change the benefit to “When you become bloodied, you may use your shadow step as an immediate reaction.”

Shadow's Inexorable Grasp: Add"11th level" to requirements.

Hawk's Talon Ki Focus: Change daily power to read “Power (Daily): Standard Action. Charge an enemy. Your movement during this charge does not provoke opportunity attacks, and you can use an at-will attack power that will target only one enemy in place of a melee basic attack at the end of the charge.”


Familiar Power: Wizards –

Circle of Protection: Power has been rewritten.  

Familiar Shape: Change title bar to daily and move to level 10 section.  

Dire Familiar: Change last sentence of effect to read “While in this form, when any enemy adjacent to the familiar is hit by an attack, you may uses a free action to have the familiar knocks that enemy prone, push it 1 square, or shifts 1 square and slides that enemy into the square the familiar left.”

Least Air Elemental: Change Elemental Servant to read “As a minor action, you cause the familiar to pick up, move, or manipulate an unattended object weighing 20 pounds or less and carry it up to 5 squares.”

Familiar Mount: Change to “Your familiar grows to Large size and can accommodate you as a rider, and it is in active mode for the duration. You can end the ritual by returning the familiar to passive mode with a minor action. If the familiar takes damage equal to 5 + one-half your level or more, it returns to its normal size and to passive mode.”

    - Chuck

Thanks for publishing this.  It helps to know what I ned to reread, and also to know that someone's actually listening.

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For Dragon 283 article KYR: Controller,  the feat:

Destructive Power Feat Power
By funneling greater power into your attack, you ensure its
effect is not wasted.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You roll a 1 on any damage die when you hit with an
area or close attack power
Effect: You reroll any result of 1 or 2 on a damage die until the
die roll is something other than 1 or 2.

The effect and trigger are different - is it intenional that the Trigger is roll a 1, whereas the effect is to re-roll 1s and 2s?
PS: shouldn't it be "Drow Ecclesiast"?  Ecclesiastic is an adjective; ecclesiast is the noun.

I'm just glad you folks take this so seriously.
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Beguiling Curse: Remove this feat from the article.

but... but... WHY?

I was so excited to use this feat for my Succubus-leaning Infernal&Dark Tiefling!

Familiar Power: Wizards –
Familiar Mount: Change to “Your familiar grows to Large size and can accommodate you as a rider, and it is in active mode for the duration. You can end the ritual by returning the familiar to passive mode with a minor action. If the familiar takes damage equal to 5 + one-half your level or more, it returns to its normal size and to passive mode.”

I don't see how the change to the Familiar Mount ritual in the compiled issue clarified anything.  It looks like the last two sentences were just swapped.

In the errata thread for the article (community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...) the confusion is if the familiar's hit points are changed from 1 HP to 5 + one-half your level HPs or if the 5 + one-half your level damage needs to be taken in a single attack (similiar to the shaman's Spirit Companion) in order for the familiar to return to its normal size and passive mode.
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