Need Help fleshing out Paragon tier

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Hello all,

I am running a "War" campaign set in my homebrew world, the basic premis is the BBEG has been sacking town's and turning it's citizens into undead and using them to "take over the World"

The PC's during the Heroic tier were tasked to finding "the Lost Army" Basicly warforged that were being built to fight a previous war however the war ended before they "came online" so they traveled and at 9th level found the lost army and activated it and had a large battle.

heir next stop is to free one of the major cities that was captured. This battle / challange will put them to level 10 close to 11.

now for my problem, for the paragon level they will need more allies to defeat the BBEG his city is well defended and he has a lager army than the PC's realize. so they will need to recute allies from the surrounding cities / "kingdoms"

what I need is some ideas for some skill challanges and encounters that would be good "tests" for the PC's to prove that they are worthy of king X help or to help city Y leader in solving a problem in order for them to get help.

in short please Help I need Ideas.