2010 Hall of Fame Class

This years class is a terriffic class and could not be better. So without further gilding of the lilly here is your class.

Chris West aka Mapmaker
Jason Alvey aka Dark Jedi 21
Matt Peterson aka Mt Magus
Mike Fryda aka Kcesler
Aaron Shockley aka Shinja

Our international Inductee

Padraig Neuendorf aka I Kill Gungans

Congrats guys you all are certainly deserving of the honor. I would also like to say once again as last year some very deserving folks came close and as always it is disappointing not everyone got in. But as some of this year's inductees were the ones that just missed out last year I am hoping we will be seeing them join next year.
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Congrats to all!
Congrats to all!

Special congrats to Padraig - the first German in the Hall of Fame!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und liebe Grüße nach Köln!

Congrats to all!!

Here's congratulations with another cup of tea!

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congrats and good job guys

Way to go everybody!!!

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Congrats to all of the new Hall of Fame members, and thank you so much, everyone, for the honor of including me in this fine company!
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
congrats to everyone yall deserve it
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Congratulations Mapmaker, Dark Jedi 21, Mt Magus, Kcesler, and Shinja!  All excellent additions to the SWM Hall of Fame.  I wish those who did not make it this year the best of luck next year. 
Congrats to all of the new inductees.
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What a fantastic class! 

I would like to echo the congrats to each new member of the Hall of Fame class. 
well done all.
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