How do you build a winning league deck from this cardpool?

Since the description for this sub-forum invites discussion on leagues, I thought - fine - I'll bite.

Here is my question:

I'll bet that you can build a deck that will go undefeated over as many league matches as you can play in a month from the following cardpool - how would you build the deck?

18 - Plains
18 - Island
18 - Forest
18 - Mountain
18 - Swamp

For bonus points, discuss why you chose the particular cards you did.
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Well I'll I got at the moment is this maybe this tooö.

2 Swamps
9 Mountains
10 Forests
10 Islands
9 Plains

As for my sideboard I got 16 Swamps, 8 Islands, 8 Forests, 9 Plains, 9 Mountains.  I don't think I'd be using the swamps much though.

   But it would be quite interesting, with the right plays in time and in holding back playing a thing or two it could work.  Also using some discrete bluffing tactics yeah, this deck maybe extremely hard to pilot to number 1.  Though I think this could very well be a good build for this deck.
I think I'd go for the "Island-Scoop" build, maybe splashing forests for accel.
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18 islands, 17 swamps

Play island.
Play island.
Play island.
Opponent concedes.

I'd use every single card in the card pool, provided I could slip in my Momir avatar.
Built Deck. Forgot to hit submit. Played:

18x Plains
18x Islands
18x Swamps
18x Mountains
18x Forests

Opponent asks if I'm playing Battle of Wits
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