Sith Holo News Network - New Years Edition with Chris West

Tomorrow night (Tueday evening 7:30-8:30PM CST) the SHNN will welcome none other than Mapmaker himself, Chris West.  Join in the show live for a chance at another very cool prize from our sponsor:
Sounds like a good show to me! I'll be sure to tune in!
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
This should be a great show, especially with the new maps I've recently seen on the boards.
SWM @ Atlanta, GA: SWM @ Charlotte, NC:
Check out this week's special year end episode, Episode XIII, with special guest Christopher West/MapMaker, at the following link: (39.2MB)

Our show went approximately 20 minutes over schedule last night so that we could finish up our year in review segment, which you won't want to miss. And congratulations to last nights winner, Phillip Carlisle, who managed to pick up some great items from our sponsor, Miniature Market, along with the winners of yesterday's SHNN trivia contest, MasterBradley and knightmare.

Happy New Year everyone, and may the force be with you...
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Great year end show guys.

Mapmaker is a class act and it was really interesting to hear some of the process that goes into his art.

I also really liked the comments made by Dean about Sarah and would have to say that she is my choice for MVP of the Year as well. 


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