An Artificer's Hand Cannon

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In a group I DM, the Artificer intends to use" title="">shrink item on cannonballs combined with launch item (Spell Compendium 131) to make a hand cannon, a gun that shoots cannonballs.

I'm unsure of the stats, but he proposes the cannonball stats from" title="">here.  Shrink item reduces the weight to about 5% of a pound, or negligible.

I feel like the critical should lessen to 20x3.  The range is Medium (100' + 10'/level) because of launch item and my Artificer will probably pay to upgrade the caster level at every opportunity.

How much should this cost?  Here be my estimates.

-Continuous shrink item: 15,000 = 2000 * caster level 5 * spell level 3 * 0.5 for day/level duration

-Launch item at will: 1350 = 1800 * caster level 1 * spell level 1/2 * 1.5 for multiple effects

-Masterwork Exotic Weapon: 600

-+1 Effect: 3000 = 2000 (+1) * 1.5 for multiple effects

TOTAL: 19,950
Should use same stats as the gun in DMG.

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