Jedi_Unleashed's Eve of Destruction Campaign Log (Spoilers)

Okay, major spoilers for Eve of Destruction ahead!  You've been warned. 

I just finished running Episode I with my old group and thought I'd keep a log of what occurred.   If you run playtests or run this as an actual campaign, I'm sure the rest of the community would love to hear how things go, so post your own campaign logs if you'd like.

First, I realized that most people who'll be running this adventure don't know the background of how Rahn, Pollock and Blith came to be involved with the Second Sith and what happened on the Starskimmer while the PCs were unconscious.  That was all discussed within the Eve of Destruction threads, so people who've been following and helping with campaign development know how all of this stuff works.  However, this information is not included in the .pdf.  I think it's crucial to include that stuff, because we go straight from explaining Geos's master plan to "you're waking up on the Starskimmer."  That would surely confuse someone who didn't know how everything fit together.

Second, some of the descriptions of different rooms and events on the Starskimmer are scattered through the .pdf.  That sometimes got me confused about what was supposed to happen when.  It'd be helpful if we could consolidate descriptions into one location in the document.

Anyway, so on to what happened when I ran the adventure....
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Episode I: The Starskimmer Crisis, Day 1

Our party consisted of the following:
-Darce Rugue, Human male noble.
-Triage Shazahn, Taung male soldier.
-Clover Tox-Pax, Lurmen male Jedi.
-Tan Dak, Taung male soldier.  His player is the only one who's given me a backstory for his PC.  Dak's homeworld fell victim to an extreme natural disaster, and as he and his people evacuated, pirates attacked and shot down the ship on which Dak was riding.  He was among the few survivors of the resulting crash and thus doesn't feel the Republic is capable of protecting its citizens.  He wants to become a jack-of-all-trades character, similar to Jordan McKell from Timothy Zahn's The Icarus Hunt (an excellent book, by the way).

Since we have two Taung soldiers in the party, I'll be referring to all the PCs by name to avoid confusion.

At the beginning of the adventure, I had to come up with some descriptions on the fly since the players wanted to know what was in their rooms, the hallway, etc.  With some pointed extra descriptions, I got the players interested enough to check out Rahn's office.  Shazahn's player looked totally stunned when I told him that his supposedly missing heavy blaster pistol was lying beside "Rahn."  Everyone was determined to figure out what'd happened so that Shazahn wouldn't go to jail; these players always create knights-in-shining-armor-type PCs, so no one suspected any foul play by party members. 

When the droids arrived, the PCs ran onto the bridge, where they used the voice recorder to get into the computer and sent a distress signal.  They tried about six times to set course for Saleucami, but I told them they kept getting a pop-up window reading "Helm control disabled."  The PCs tried to open the weapons locker but fried the control panel (badly rolled Mechanics check) and then smashed the thing open on their fourth or fifth attempt after I suggested using Aid Another.  They discovered the previous communication and where it went to, including the fact that the other ship belonged to Venture, but didn't investigate that any further.  They also looked up Rahn's and Pollock's dossiers and realized who the victim really was, which led them to wonder about Rahn's fate; they seemed to think they were alone on the ship except for the droids. 

After investigating the kitchen, the PCs set up a trap for the droids.  They peeled off part of the wall inside the bridge and set up a tripwire to hopefully fry the droids when they came in the door.  I had them make a Mechanics check as if they were setting explosives and treated it like a frag grenade, but one that only did half damage.  Then the PCs took up positions around the bridge and the kitchen and opened the door.  The droids did indeed get slightly toasted by the wire.  Tox-Pax, who can't even use blaster pistols proficiently, shot down one droid (much to his player's delight), and Shazahn blew up the second droid. 

Episode I: The Starskimmer Crisis, Day 2

The PCs did a little more investigating and discovered the datapads, learning that they still had two more droids to worry about.  They decided to go to the cargo bay and see if their stolen weapons were in the other locker the datapads mentioned.  On the way, they ran into the other two droids and promptly retreated to the bridge and locked the door.  This time they hacked into the door's sensors and reprogrammed them to close on the droids when they came through the door.  For some reason I forgot to play this out, but it ended up not mattering, because the droids didn't even get a shot off before the two Taungs' readied attacks kicked in and the droids wound up as scrap metal.

As the group headed back to the cargo bay, the self-destruct alarm went off.  Half the group raced back to the bridge while the other half attempted to break into the cargo bay.  The bridge group got into the computer with the voice recorder again and shut down the self-destruct, whereupon they rejoined the others.  They broke into the cargo bay and saw Rahn trying to get the airlock open.  Rugue attempted to calm Rahn down, and while he did improve Rahn's attitude enough to get the villainous captain to stop shooting, Rahn was still determined to escape.  Tox-Pax rolled into a ball, rolled straight at Rahn's shins and knocked him to the ground. 

However, Rahn's turn came next, and he jumped up and hit the airlock button.  He was instantly sucked out into space, and Tox-Pax nearly was too, though he managed to grab the door a la Anakin and Ahsoka in the Clone Wars episode "Cargo of Doom."  Dak was sucked closer to the door but not out, while Rugue and Shazahn managed to grab onto nearby crates and stay in one spot.  They worked their way over to the door, and after much effort they finally got Tox-Pax inside and closed the door.  The PCs saw Rahn floating/"swimming" away and then saw the Talon drop out of hyperspace. 

Hoping to stop both amored man and ship, the PCs raced back to the bridge.  Rugue attempted to contact the Talon while the others tried to get into the Starskimmer's weaponry, only to repeatedly get a pop-up window reading "Weapons control disabled."  They saw Rahn tractor-beamed aboard the Talon, which promptly jumped to hyperspace.

While the PCs debated about what to do next, I realized that the self-destruct and the engines going critical were two different things and thus needed to be stopped separately, so the players got a nasty surprise.  Apparently they shared my erroneous initial thought that the engines going critical would be an effect of the self-destruct cycle, because they seemed slightly annoyed about having to deal with this again.  The PCs immediately raced back to the cargo bay, quickly repaired the escape pod, and got away with about thirty seconds to spare before the Starskimmer exploded.  They were picked up by Tyre Loonaka of the Saleucamian Orbital Patrol, who gave them a lift and told them about the Venture office in Caldera City. 

The players then debated for a couple of minutes about how they were going to explain what had happened.  I think the consensus was that they would tell the police as little as possible, not explaining how they'd been KO'd or that the murder weapon belonged to Shazahn.  They would, however, be more open with their employers.

Comments: I found that for this adventure, I had to make up some stuff on the fly, such as the tripwire in my last post.  The SECR doesn't seem to have any rules for sudden decompression, so I made up Climb check DCs on the fly for the PCs who nearly got sucked out of the cargo bay, basing the mechanics on what I remembered from the RCR RotS rules revision packet.  This adventure feels more railroady than it should, but for the most part my group seemed okay with it.

My PCs wiped the floor with the droids; we may need to beef them up a bit.
Episode II, Glimmer of Truth: Day 1

I was concerned about how well this adventure would go due to my lack of maps, but that wasn't nearly as big a problem as I had thought. 

When Loonaka collapsed over the Justice's control panels, the PCs managed to keep their drinks from sliding off the table, but didn't save the pitcher and wound up with water all over the lounge floor.  They scurried up to the cockpit and quickly discovered their dilemma.  Shazahn grabbed the controls and managed to avoid a head-on collision with the Guardian, but the two ships completely sideswiped each other.  The Guardian began slowly falling towards the other rings of ships.

Tox-Pax quickly figured out what was wrong with Loonaka and lugged him back to the medical bunk to help him.  The other PCs snagged the Guardian with the Justice's tractor beam and threw their engines to full reverse, rerouting power from the shields and weapons to at least stay in place (since I told them that the Guardian was about twice the size of the Justice).  They signaled the Guardian to transfer their crew onto the Justice, but I told them they didn't have enough room on the Justice for that many people, and one of the Guardian's crew members angrily pointed out that they had dangerous prisoners aboard.

Soon thereafter, the authorities told the PCs to steer over the next ring of ships, which they managed to do, though it required flying much closer to the other ships than they would ever want to under normal circumstances.  At this point, I decided to speed things up and had the starfighters, medical crew and salvage transports arrive.  The salvage transports tractor-beamed the Guardian so the Justice could detach.  Tox-Pax went with the medics to explain what he'd done for Loonaka, while the patrol starfighters escorted the other PCs down to the surface in the Justice, giving them grief about the incident.  The PCs kept pointing out that it wasn't really their fault, but it didn't make much of a difference to the police's attitude.

At the starport, the PCs argued for a while with a large group of authorities, including a Wookiee who got on their case because of a code that forbids officers like Loonaka from transporting civilians.  Dak's player finally commented in exasperation, "Well, we didn't study up on Saleucamian Orbital Patrol protocol."  Finally I had the PCs make a Persuasion check, which succeeded, and the authorities let them go.

The PCs then were escorted to the Venture office, where they asked for more privacy, and Hatti Trint attempted to lead the way into an empty conference room.  However, its window was broken and no other rooms were open, so she returned to the front room with the PCs and dismissed the Bothan secretary.  Rugue's player reported nearly every detail of their adventures on the Starskimmer, including the PCs' passing out en route to the ship, which must have taken five or ten minutes of real time.  However, when Trint ordered the security guards to arrest the PCs, things really got interesting. 

Dak's player was absolutely convinced that if the PCs went to jail, they would be quietly eliminated, and he was not willing to go under any circumstances.  The other PCs, in contrast, were perfectly willing to go along quietly and to attack Dak if he caused trouble.  But when Dak jumped over the desk and took Trint hostage, Rugue and Shazahn helped intimidate the guards, claiming it was in the interests of party solidarity.  Tox-Pax, on the other hand, clung to a guard's leg throughout the encounter and at intervals yelled things like, "I surrender!  I surrender!"  "Don't hurt me!"  "I am not a lemur!"  "I don't like these guys [the other PCs], they're mean!"  He even handed this guard the blaster he had taken from one of the droids on the Starskimmer, hoping that the guard would shoot Dak.  Unfortunately for Tox-Pax, the only NPC that foolish was the Bothan, who sneaked back and tried to shoot Dak from behind, but rolled poorly for damage.  Rugue grabbed the Bothan.

Dak wanted Trint to sign papers giving the PCs a leave of absence.  She insisted that the regional manager needed to sign the papers too, but after a lengthy argument, she simply forged her boss's signature.  The PCs left the guards and the Bothan standing against the wall with their hands up (I think they left Trint there too--can't remember for sure), and Tox-Pax stayed behind while the others escaped because he didn't want to make himself look any worse.  Out-of-character, the other PCs agreed to come to his trial in disguise.

In between many laughs and witty remarks, Dak's player and I debated vigorously about whether his actions were DSP-worthy.  He claimed that his way was better than killing all the other Venture employees and getting out of there wounded.  I felt that taking a hostage was simply unnecessary and therefore evil in this situation--as I reminded him, blasters can be set for stun, and these people wanted to put them on trial, not kill them.  Eventually we worked things out so that he didn't wind up with any DSPs.
Episode II: Glimmer of Truth, Day 2

I began by describing what happened to Tox-Pax after his arrest.  After his release, while the PCs were standing in the middle of the street looking like lost puppies (a description they did not argue with ), Minkor found them.  The PCs looked at the datacards and decided to try to find Wil Zake Pollock.  They found out a lot about Gavin Pollock's background and found Ma-Nana-Gori, whose name they soon shortened to "Mama Torii," though not to her face.

Ma-Nana-Gori was hesitant to talk to the PCs until they assured her that Pollock hadn't owed them anything but that his son might be in danger.  They talked to her for a long time, and she pointed out that the only reason they hadn't been arrested was probably because the regional manager (the one whose signature Hatti Trint had forged on the leave-of-absence papers) hadn't yet returned.  I decided that Ma-Nana-Gori knew a lot about Venture due to her association with Pollock.  She did have a key to Pollock's house, but she wasn't allowed to go in there during the investigation and refused to give it to the PCs or even to put it on the table and leave the room.  After a long, going-in-circles conversation, the PCs concluded that the "pirates" who attacked Pollock, Rahn and their crew on the Ryloth's Spirit must have been out for revenge.  Ma-Nana-Gori didn't remember Pollock mentioning the name of the pirate group, though. 

Three of the PCs decided to jump planet, over Tox-Pax's protests (he didn't want to be in any more trouble than he already was), but discovered that the next commercial starliner wouldn't be arriving for another week due to some sort of snarl.  Meanwhile, Tox-Pax tried to convince both the local police and Venture to give him the rights to investigate the incident on the Starskimmer, but the police told him it was an internal company affair, not a Republic matter, and so the Jedi couldn't get involved.  The new Venture secretary (this detail caused quite a few laughs) refused to say much, since company policy prevents suspects in a case from getting involved with the investigation and since an investigator hasn't yet been assigned to the case due to a conflict of interest.  Once they realized that Hatti Trint would normally be the investigator (since she's the manager), the PCs tried to go to her house, but found it under guard.  They returned to Ma-Nana-Gori's and found the same situation, and even more guards at Pollock's house.  The guards at Ma-Nana-Gori's warned them that if they came around again, they'd get arrested.

By now the PCs were thoroughly convinced that they were supposed to break into Pollock's house and find out about this pirate group.  However, seeing all the obstacles in their way, they instead contacted Minkor again, and he brought them a copy of the official report about the incident on the Ryloth's Spirit, but told them he shouldn't be seen with them anymore or people would start getting suspicious.  Upon reading the report, the PCs discovered that the crew hadn't noticed any identifying symbol or name--reading between the lines, the attackers had simply behaved like pirates, so the crew assumed that's what they were. 

After this, the PCs decided to jump planet.  They contacted Minkor again and met him at the back of a cantina, with a couple of police officers posted inside.  Minkor, talking so quietly as to be barely audible, asked them to meet him at Docking Bay 6 at 1 a.m. and he would take them to his next stop, Ord Mantell.

At the appointed time, the PCs arrived at the spaceport, with Tox-Pax loosely tied up so that it'd appear he was being kidnapped (he'd been ordered not to leave Saleucami, after all).  However, the PCs were spotted on camera, and they ran into a patrol consisting of a security captain, two guards and a fanghowler.  The PCs stunned everyone but one guard, who called for backup and ran until Shazahn caught up and stunned him.  Docking Bay 6's blast door was closed when the PCs arrived, and six more guards quickly arrived.  The PCs stunned this bunch too, and Rugue managed to unlock the door.  They ran into the docking bay to find the Lucky Nova struggling to lift off.  It took the PCs several rounds to destroy the tractor beam projectors (I gave them Reflex Defense 20 and 25 hp), and in that time ten more guards climbed to the top of the docking bay walls with three fanghowlers in tow.  The guards couldn't hit anyone, but the fanghowlers jumped down and charged.  Each of the PCs got bitten at least once as they retreated into the Lucky Nova.  Shazan and Rugue killed two guards as they covered the other PCs, and Shazan took out two fanghowlers in one shot thanks to the blaster carbine he'd stolen from the Starskimmer's guard droids.  Finally the Lucky Nova took off and jumped for Ord Mantell.

Comments: My players are wiping the floor with encounters again.  I'm sure part of the problem is that most, if not all, of them are trained in Initiative.  I was gratified that I was finally able to have some effect with the fanghowlers; two of the PCs were quite chewed up by the end of that encounter.

I hadn't realized it before, but the pirate attack could be a great red herring if we can think of a way to utilize it more.  Maybe I should've had the report use the name of an actual pirate group, but that would take things even farther off track.  I probably should've had more police action against the PCs after their questionable tactics in escaping the Venture Office last time, but I didn't want to just end up with all of them in jail.
Episode II: Glimmer of Truth, Day 3

Upon arrival at Ord Mantell, Minkor requested landing permission as the Demon, a private cargo ship, and got it and landed without any trouble.  Despite Minkor's attempts to deter them, the PCs then decided to go to the local Venture office.  They did take Minkor's advice and disguised themselves before going, so well that no one had the faintest idea who they were.  They convinced the front desk secretary that they were private investigators looking into the destruction of the Starskimmer, so she was very cooperative.  They learned the Starskimmer's history at Venture (they seemed interested in the fact that Hal Marino had captained it before meeting his untimely end) and re-heard the story of the pirate attack. 

The PCs then asked about Pollock and learned about his injury while defending company cargo.  The secretary didn't know where Pollock had gone on his subsequent vacation, only that it had been at company expense, so she sent the PCs to the accounting department.  They got the secretary there to swallow their story (which, come to think of it, is at least partly true), and she told the PCs which systems that Pollock had visited, one of which was Aeten.  Eventually the PCs made the connection between Pollock's vacation and Rahn's former employer.  Minkor, after getting his Venture cargo onboard, agreed to make a "refueling stop" on Aeten II.  (Thankfully my players didn't ask any questions, though in retrospect I might have to come up with some explanation for how Minkor managed to do that when the "Demon" was supposedly not even a Venture ship.)

The PCs went out to the Salathial Electronics factory, spotted Ban Zake, and snuck up on him.  He asked if they were systems experts too and spun his story about trying to design a rival factory, which the PCs bought.  They followed him to the cantina and tried to pry him open, with little success.  Tox-Pax failed to mind-trick Zake, who gave him a hard time about it.  The players were getting frustrated until a non-gamer in the room pointed out that Zake wanted a bribe.  The PCs paid up, but before Zake could tell them anything terribly useful, he was sniped.

The PCs took off after Bron Bes.  I seriously overestimated Bron Bes's skill modifiers, so she kept failing skill checks and got scorched by one of the laundromat's steam vents as the PCs began catching up to her.  We only got through about three stunts before I had to leave to catch a plane.

Comments: My players seem to be doing all right at putting the puzzle pieces together, but I sometimes have to drop not-so-subtle hints to keep them going in the right direction.  I'll have to wait and see how the chase turns out, but it's shaping up to be a short one .  I don't know if I was just rolling really badly or what.
Episode II: Glimmer of Truth, Day 4

Only one player was available for this session, but since I keep the character sheets, I let him run all four characters.

We recapped what had happened in the campaign so far and started over with the Bron Bes chase scene, running it as a skill challenge this time.  I explained the skill challenge mechanics, and the player caught on pretty quickly.  Several PCs borrowed a nearby airspeeder and used it to catch up with Bes, and Clover used the Force to throw things at Bes and slow her down until the speeder-riders finally caught up with her and yanked her into the speeder.  Bes insisted she didn't remember committing the murder, and the player quickly concluded she was under some form of mind control, though he was a bit perplexed when Bes denied meeting any shady characters in the recent past.

The PCs confiscated Bes's weapons and headed back to the cantina.  On the way, they ran into Clin Quant, who they tried to persuade to take charge of Bes so they wouldn't have to deal with the law again.  Bes refused to repeat her story to Quant, insisting that she wanted a lawyer present before she would say anything.  Quant convinced the PCs that they needed to hand Bes over to the police, which they did.  The police had the PCs come down to the station and took their statements.  The PCs asked for and were granted one more opportunity to speak to Bes, who again insisted she hadn't murdered Zake.  When the PCs asked if there was more she wanted to tell them, she mentioned this kind of thing had happened before--she might suddenly find herself somewhere with no memory of what she'd been doing for the last few hours.  With that, the PCs left the police station.

Episode III: The Crystal Snare, Day 1

The PCs headed down to the police station as soon as they got the call from Captain Klip'ka, and they unsuccessfully tried to talk Officer Mazinti into letting them see Bes's weapons.  When Zukar crashed his airspeeder into the building, the PCs barely waited to hear where the power outage was before they went charging up to the fifth floor.  I forgot that the turbolifts were all supposed to be knocked out, so the PCs took the turbolift up to the fourth floor before it stopped working.  They went up to the fifth floor via the stairs, and when some of them took damage from the thick smoke up there, they sent Clover and Darce back to the fourth floor to avoid any more injuries.  

The two soldiers were wearing armor with integrated breath masks, so they pressed on.  They made it to the fifth-floor cell block and began trying to disable the defenses.  After several rounds, they destroyed all the stun blasters and turned off the knockout gas (setting off an alarm and shutting down one computer console in the process, thanks to a few epically failed Use Computer checks).  They discovered that Bes and Terk Gaert were missing and assumed that whoever had crashed the airspeeder into the building had taken Bes and Gaert.  

Since all the other prisoners had succumbed to knockout gas and/or stun blasts by then, Triage and Tang lugged the remaining prisoners back to their cells and shut the doors, then left the cell block.  Clover and Darce caught up at this point, and the PCs discovered the blown-open turbolift and ran into Officer Mazinti and two other officers, who ordered them to investigate while the police took care of things in the cell block.  My player found this a bit incredible, so I had the police discover an imminent explosion in the cell block due to a gas leak, which required them to evacuate the prisoners immediately.  The PCs scurried off to complete their assignment.

To the PCs' surprise, the blood trail led up the turbolift shaft rather than down it, so they followed all the way up to the roof.  Bes and Gaert had already escaped, so Triage, despite my attempts to discourage it, began trying to hack into one of the remaining patrol craft so the PCs could give chase.  That craft turned out to be the ship that Varl Zukar was hiding behind, so Triage got somewhat scorched when the ship blew up.  In the ensuing fight, Triage managed to blow off part of Zukar's shoulder plate, revealing that the wearer wasn't Human, and Darce caught on fire when Zukar used his flamethrower on the spilled fuel.  Sadly, we had to end in the middle of the fight because I, once again, had to catch a plane.

Comments: In Episode II, I think the chase scene with Bes should only require eight successes to win the challenge--eleven successes takes too long.  I think I might have unintentionally revealed too much in the process of roleplaying Bes, since my player quickly decided that Bes must have been mind-controlled.  Sigh.  So much for the big reveal.

My player enjoyed the start of Episode III a lot more than he'd enjoyed Episode II, since Episode III quite literally starts with a bang.  I didn't plan on the PCs re-imprisoning the prisoners, so that gave the police little excuse to stay behind while the PCs investigated Bes and Gaert's disappearance, and I had to come up with the gas leak on the fly.  I was a little worried that the two soldiers would end up taking on Zukar by themselves, but it didn't turn out to be a problem.  Now I just have to keep Zukar alive long enough to put up a good fight....
Hey, JU:

I sent you a PM.  When you get a chance, check it out and send me a response.  Thanks.

I'm glad to see the modules are working out fairly well for you and your group.  I especially enjoyed learning that the fuel spill was put to good use
I'm sorry, but a blackhole ate my Death Star. Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign page Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign wiki Check out pukunui's Absolute Dawn (DoD) campaign log
JU, I'm wondering if you are using the campaign's artwork in your sessions, and if so, if the pieces are helpful, neutral, a hinderance, a downer, etc.  My goal has been to help give the players a visual anchor in the campaign, so if something needs to be improved, let me know.  Thanks.
I'm sorry, but a blackhole ate my Death Star. Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign page Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign wiki Check out pukunui's Absolute Dawn (DoD) campaign log
If I have artwork for a character or location, I generally use it, and my players like having the visual reference.  I usually run the game with the module on my laptop and sketch out the maps on a piece of paper as needed.  I'm thinking I need to take a leaf out of my DoD book and start making scaled maps ahead of time on graph paper, since my quick sketches are often not exactly accurate.
Episode III: The Crystal Snare, Day 2

Note: One of my players has left for a two-year mission to Japan (long story and probably belongs on another thread) and another, who seems to be losing interest, couldn't make it.  I once again let the third player run all four characters.  I'm thinking this may be the format of all future sessions.

Well, I succeeded: Varl Zukar gave the PCs the roughest time of any of their opponents thus far.  He used his flamethrower to good effect, setting every PC on fire at least once and blowing up a couple of the boxes on the landing pad.  By the time the PCs finally stunned Zukar into unconsciousness, Tang Dak had been KO'd and the other PCs were all at half or fewer hp.  Everyone wound up in the local hospital bacta ward for a few hours.

Once Zukar had recovered, the police brought him back to the station and allowed the PCs to interrogate him.  Zukar played tough and gruff.  No one ever asked for a Perception check to detect lies (and I wasn't going to prompt it by rolling Deception checks!), and the PCs concluded that they owed Zukar an apology for getting an innocent bystander mixed up in this mess.     The police still didn't buy Zukar's story, but while they were discussing the case with the PCs, Jedi Kay and Clin Quant arrived.  Hearing the legal argument spring up between the two Jedi, Clover was worried that they wanted to arrest the PCs, but the police cut the debate short.  The PCs accepted Kay's request to accompany him to Coruscant.

When Captain Klip'ka requested the PCs' help in the investigation of Senator Uelb's death, the PCs quickly came with him.  The PCs noticed the saberfang kits (who quickly came to be known as "saber-toothed kitty cats" ) and really didn't want to get attacked, so Clover used the Force to project "warm fuzzy thoughts," and the PCs got into the penthouse unmolested.

The PCs stabilized the two surviving bodyguards, and much to my amusement (because we almost ALWAYS have a Wookiee in our party), they discovered that none of them could speak Shyriiwook.  The Human bodyguard explained what'd happened, and the PCs proceeded into the penthouse with caution, expecting to be attacked at any moment.  They discovered the missing artifact and looked at its information on the computer console.  They also explored Senator Uelb's office and sliced her computer and datapad, but found nothing of interest.  When Captain Klip'ka and security finally arrived, the PCs led them to the wounded guards, and security called for medical help.

Back at the police station, the PCs discussed the situation with Jedi Kay, who sent them off to collect their belongings, and they all met up at the spaceport.  When asked for their opinions on what to do with Zukar, none of the PCs thought of putting him in a Force trance, but they mentioned the possible advantages and risks of allowing Zukar to fight on their side in case of an attack; Jedi Kay commented on the PCs' uneasiness and they said that suspects in their cases had a way of disappearing.  Jedi Kay put Zukar in the Force trance, and they took off for Coruscant.

Comments: After all the time I've spent having my bad guys quickly and easily beaten to a pulp by my players, it was highly gratifying to have a bad guy do some real damage.  Zukar's Reflex Defense made him tough for my players to hit, and I found that the explosive boxes and fuel spill were perfect terrain features; Zukar had a lot of fun with those.    I treated the barriers between ships as difficult terrain, but not low cover.

Since Clover's "warm fuzzies" Use the Force check beat the saberfang kits' Will Defense, I treated like a Persuasion check that moved the kits' attitude to indifferent.  Rather inventive way of getting past them, I thought.

Since my player is pretty young, he doesn't seem to be aware of all the options he has.  That's been good for me, since it means I don't have to do as much work (like during Zukar's interrogation), but it could get him into trouble in the long run. 
Episode III: The Crystal Snare, Day 3

Once again, only one player for this session.

The PCs went along quietly, albeit nervously, to the Jedi temple; they weren't sure what was going to happen to them.  They told the Council and the bureaucrats everything that'd happened since Ban Zake's murder.  (Side note: To avoid giving away Furia's loyalties, and to reinforce the mistaken notion that she was a Jedi, I included a blue lightsaber in the description of her given by Senator Uelb's Human bodyguard.)  When the PCs were asked to investigate the break-in, my exasperated-amused player commented on how everyone was asking the party to do the dirty work.

At the museum, the desk employee didn't believe that the PCs were sent by the Jedi Council, wouldn't tell them anything about the break-in, and tried to make them pay for tickets to enter the museum.  Finally Clover ignited his lightsaber and "persuaded" the guard to let them in for free.  The PCs then headed for the Force artifacts exhibit, found the second holocron shard, and asked Antell about the break-in.  She, too, said the information was classified and told the PCs to take it up with the curator.  

When the PCs found the curator's office, the curator snarkily dismissed what the PCs told him, insisted that they go away, and shut the door in their faces, but Clover used the Force to open the door and drew but didn't ignite his lightsaber.  Now sufficiently intimidated and/or believing the PCs' story, the curator let the PCs review footage of the attack, which he'd been looking at.  (I gave Torvus's students a green and a yellow lightsaber to keep up the misdirection.)  Since Clover is a Jedi, I mentioned in my description the attackers' less-than-perfect deflection work and Force power use.  The PCs requested a copy of the video and took it back to the Jedi temple.  They got stopped at the temple entrance by the guards, who informed the PCs that people don't just waltz in to see the Council, but the guards called upstairs and got the green light to let the PCs in.  The PCs took the turbolift up and found an audience of two Council members waiting for them.  We had to leave it there since we stopped earlier than expected.

Comments: A roleplaying-heavy session with only a few dice rolls.  I tried to roleplay the museum staff in a realistic way, and I was going to have the desk employee send security after the PCs, but I forgot about it once the party started talking to the curator.  I'm a little surprised my player didn't think to just have the Council call and get the museum staff to cooperate.  

My player seems a bit stumped about what to do next.  No one ever asked Antell about the holocron shard on display, and I didn't include any mention of Juir's name in the display because a typical museum exhibit doesn't say who found which artifacts.  I may have to have the Council members give some helpful advice in the next session to get my player back on track. 
Hey JU,

Sorry I've been out of touch for a while.  Hope things are well and that your campaign is running smooth.  Do you have new updates for the log?
I'm sorry, but a blackhole ate my Death Star. Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign page Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign wiki Check out pukunui's Absolute Dawn (DoD) campaign log
Have you considered making a campaign guide to help set the scene for the first adventure?
Have you considered making a campaign guide to help set the scene for the first adventure?

Is this meant for JU or me?  I'm personally redoing most of the first module for my small group of players, since I don't think as-written it will get them acting paranoid about one another.  They just wouldn't buy it.
I'm sorry, but a blackhole ate my Death Star. Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign page Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign wiki Check out pukunui's Absolute Dawn (DoD) campaign log
Have you considered making a campaign guide to help set the scene for the first adventure?

Is this meant for JU or me?  I'm personally redoing most of the first module for my small group of players, since I don't think as-written it will get them acting paranoid about one another.  They just wouldn't buy it.

Well I guess to whoever is familar with the story and writting material.
Have you considered making a campaign guide to help set the scene for the first adventure?

Is this meant for JU or me?  I'm personally redoing most of the first module for my small group of players, since I don't think as-written it will get them acting paranoid about one another.  They just wouldn't buy it.

Well I guess to whoever is familar with the story and writting material.

Ultimately, that would be JU.  But I don't think he's on the boards anymore.
I'm sorry, but a blackhole ate my Death Star. Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign page Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign wiki Check out pukunui's Absolute Dawn (DoD) campaign log
It's a shame Jedi_Unleashed has not been around for a while, there is always work, life or study reasons. So much work has been done on Eve of Destruction, but being realistic, the chance of a completed campaign by fans is asking rather a lot. 
It's a shame Jedi_Unleashed has not been around for a while, there is always work, life or study reasons. So much work has been done on Eve of Destruction, but being realistic, the chance of a completed campaign by fans is asking rather a lot. 

School, work, and family keep my involvement in the project spotty at best.  I think JU probably lost interest because he ended up with all of the work and little to no participation from the rest of us.
I'm sorry, but a blackhole ate my Death Star. Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign page Check out my Eve of Destruction campaign wiki Check out pukunui's Absolute Dawn (DoD) campaign log
I think you hit the nail on the head.
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