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ok here is the card i found  ( traded for and have started to build a deck around, some of the cards i just have a copy or two ofbut i may be willing to buy a few better ones to help out.


4= Seat of the Synod
4= Great Furnace
4=Vault of whispers
2= Reliquary Tower
4= Islands
1=Drowned Catacomb

4=Etherium Sculptors
4=Myr Enfocer
3= Mishra, Artificer Prodigy
2= Bottle Gnomes
2=Darksteel Collosus

4=Talisman of dominace
2= talisman of indulgance
3= feedback bolt
2= fireball
2=blinkmoth urn

I use the affinity creatures to get a quick army then draw into blinkmoth urn and mishra playing one then the other to get and endless supply of colorless mana to either play 2 Darksteels at once or fireball them or all thier creatures.

Any ideas to make it simpler or better cards for the purpose i wouls greatly appreciate the help
Do you plan on taking this to an actual Extended tournament?  If so, then this thread belongs in Extended Deck Help.  If not, then Casual, as this forum is meant for Extended tournament play.
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