AnakinStarkiller 99's Trade Thread

OK, here's how I would like to trade:

1. I will only trade in the US.

2. If I am sending cards only, I will send them in a top-loader in a business envelope (for about six or less cards) If it gets to be many more than that, I will send in a padded envelope with the cards in a stack protected by cardboard on either side of the stack.

3. If I am trading minis I will send in a box. I will only use DC if we agree to it. If you want it, I'll use it if you do as well.

4. I am a new trader so I only have +4 or so on the GTL, so if you have more than me I'll send first if you'd like. If you have less then me then we'll simul-send.

Haves: My regular minis (the ones with the mini and card) are in blue font. My orphans (card only) are in red font. The orphans that I'd rather trade for the matchers are followed by a .

Rebel Storm

Obi-Wan Kenobi 11/60 (VR)

Princess Leia, Senator 13/60 (R)

Grand Moff Tarkin 27/60 (R)

Grand Moff Tarkin 27/60 (R)

Boba Fett 42/60 (VR)

Jabba the Hutt 50/60 (VR)

Lando Calrissian 52/60 (R)

Bossk 56/60 (R)

Clone Strike

Plo Koon 22/60 (R)


Agen Kolar, Jedi Master 1/60 (R)

Mace Windu, Jedi Master 13/60 (VR)

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master 15/60 (R)

Shaak Ti 19/60 (R)

Yoda, Jedi Master 24/60 (R)

General Greivous, Supreme Commander 32/60 (R)


Clone Trooper on BARC Trooper 2/60 (R)

Darth Maul on Speeder Bike 7/60 (VR)

Lando Calrissian, Hero of Tanaab 21/60 (R)

Lobot 22/60 (R)

AT-ST 33/60 (R)

Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun 48/60 (R)

Princess Leia, Rebel Hero 50/60 (VR)

Wedge Antilles 51/60 (R)

Kyle Katarn 52/60 (VR)

Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master 53/60 (VR)

Attack on Endor

AT-ST 1/4 (R)

Champions of the Force

Darth Nihilus 12/60 (VR)

Exar Kun 13/60 (VR)

Depa Billaba 24/60 (R)

Qi-Gon Gin, Jedi Master 32/60 (R)

Hoth Trooper with ATGAR Cannon 43/60 (R)

Corran Horn 52/60 (R)

Rebels and Imperials

General Veers 10/24 (R)

More Haves

I have dozens of C/UC orphans cards and a few minis as well, so check them out on the compiled orphans list @ . I also have some Young Jedi trading cards up for trade, so contact me if you want to know what I have


The figures that I'm missing for my cards. The ones followed by a  are the ones I would much rather get the matcher for rather than trade it away. For my normal trade wants, the ones followed by a  are my top wants. I will also trade for orphaned cards/minis for most of my wants, so just make an offer. 

Bounty Hunters

Komari Vosa 39/60 (R)

Young Krayt Dragon 52/60 (VR)

Basilisk War Droid 54/60 (UC)

Alliance and Empire

Luke's Landspeeder 13/60 (VR)


Darth Caedus 4/60 (VR)

Deena Shan 12/60 (R)

General Dodonna 14/60 (R)

Luke Skywalker, Legacy of the Light Side 15/60 (R)

Antares Draco 18/60 (R)

Marasiah Fel 25/60 (R)

Shado Vao, 38/60 (R)


Master Kota 16/60 (R)

Vader's Apprentice Unleashed 43/60 (VR)

Felucian Warrior on Rancor 50/60 (VR)


Mission Vao 47/60 (R)

Zayne Carrick 54/60 (R)

Jedi Academy

Any non-unique jedi/sith

Other Wants

I really want characters from the Original Tilogy Era. I have an almost completed RS set, but I am missing a lot from the others, so go ahead and make me an offer.

I really want a Yoda......I don't have one.......I don't care which one it is.

I also don't have a light-side Anakin Skywalker........same thing applies.

Deal Sweeteners

1. Any orphaned cards/minis, whether I need them or not. (R/VR would definately be great)
2. Any non-unique force user.
3. Any non unique from CS, ROTS, BH, AAE, LOTF, TFU, KOTOR, CW, JA, GAW, DT.

I have completed my have/wants now
PM sent
Pm incoming!

I'd really like to reunite some orphans via a trade Smile

Wants updated. I still really want to reunite orphans.
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