Is there anyone here who DMed or wrote for the Delves?

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It's not LFR, but it was RPGA, so I'm figuring this is the best board to get a response. (Also, it may give us something to discuss other than what should be done about the continuing fountain of errata that the campaign staff seem to be ignoring). Specificially, the Ultimate Dungeon Delve at Gen Con or the Delve at last year's Gen Con. I'm thinking of doing something similar and I'd like to get some insights about:

1. The formulas. It's been a while so I don't remember whether the delve two years ago was four encounters or five (or exactly how much time was given). It would also be interesting to see the encounter level structure.

2. Reflection of your experiences as a DM: what worked to make things go quickly? What didn't? What kinds of encounters you saw bring the whole endeavor to a crashing halt. What kinds of encounters went well?

3. Your impressions of the effects of the maps, particularly in the Ultimate Dungeon Delve (which I did not do since I didn't make it to Gen Con this year). The maps in the Dungeon Delve two years ago were all fairly compact, perhaps eight by ten squares or less. How were the maps in the Ultimate Dungeon Delve and what effects did you think that had on your parties?

4. If I have the fortune of getting a response from someone who DMed (or played, but mostly DMed) both events, what the differences and similarities were. Did higher level characters in the Ultimate Dungeon Delve make the game go more quickly or more slowly?