12/15/2009 SF: "The Goblin Compass"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Sure goblins are cool and all, but why have hamburger when you can have steak!
Enter the Dragon(s):

General? Bladewing the Risen Obv.

Dragons - 15
Shivan Dragon
Scourge of Kher Ridges
Dragon Whelp
Malfegor (this guy is busted when you can just return him willy nilly with bladewing. Esp in multiplayer)
Flameblast Dragon
Kilnmouth Dragon
Bogardan Hellkite
Ebon Dragon (yes, its ravenous rats, but its so cool looking)
Ryusei, The Falling Star
Two Headed Dragon
Thunder Dragon
Furnace Dragon
Hellkite Charger
Rorix Bladewing
Dragon Tyrant (I still need foils of those last 4...hint hint)

Other Dudes - 4
Bladewing's Thrall
Magus of the Moon

Planeswalkers - 4
Chandra Nalaar
Chandra Ablaze
Liliana Vess
Sorin Markov

Arti's + Enchants - 12
Mana Vault
Sol Ring
Gilded Lotus
Grim Monolith
Rakdos Signet
Sensei's Divining Top
Phyrexian Arena
Sneak Attack
Knollspine Invocation
Blood Moon
Crucible of Fire (Can I get a HELL YEAH?)

Instants + Sorceries - 22
Hidetsugu's Second Rite (Nice Sorin, Nice face)
Demonic Tutor
Vampiric Tutor
Buried Alive
Patriarch's Bidding
Living Death
Torrent of Souls
Beacon of Unrest
Lightning Axe
Decree of Pain (drew 7 off it last night!)
Molten Disaster
Chainer's Edict
Night's Whisper
Mind Shatter
Mind Twist
Price of Progress

Lands - 42
14 Swamp
16 Mountain
Spinerock Knoll
Miren, The Moaning Well
Akoum Refuge
Dragonskull Summit (how appropriate)
Molten Slagheap
Temple of the False God
Mishra's Factory (is mutavault cheap yet? Assembly Workers don't gain any benefit from Crucible of Fire)
Graven Cairns
Blood Crypt
Sulfurous Springs
Thawing Glaciers
Rakdos Carnarium

Some things I'd like to try out:
Fast mana, a la seething song and the bunch.
Skeletal Scrying
Blood$tained Mire and Badland$ <img src=" title="Sad" />
Rise from the Grave over Zombify. Sure I lose a mana, but hitting someone else's binned Genesis or whatever is hot. Plus having Bladewing gain a zombie-dragon friend is tight.
Boiling Seas
Scald? Nah, that's awful.
Seriously though, some other relevant uncounterable spells would be nice. I'm not about to run Boseiju though. Or am I?

The deck can go long with all the reanimation and any hand where you draw buried alive is a serious threat. Fetching Anger, Bladewing's Thrall and the dragon of your choice (Bogardan Hellkite and Malfegor come to mind) makes for an awesome power-play when you finally cast Mr. The Risen.

So yeah, I'll take Huge Red Monsters over Little Green Men anyday. No offense Mons.
its good to see an article about edh.

here is my wort, boggart auntie deck:

1. General: Wort, Boggart Auntie

Goblin Creatures: (35)

2. Goblin Lackey

3. Goblin Sledder            

4. Knucklebone Witch

5. Skirk Prospector

6. Warbreak Trumpeter

7. Frogtosser Banneret

8. Goblin Piledriver

9. Goblin Recruiter

10. Goblin Tinkerer

11. Mogg War Marshal

12. Stingscourger

13. Warren Instigator

14. Weirding Shaman

15. Boggart Harbinger

16. Gempalm Incinerator

17. Goblin Chieftain

18. Goblin General

19. Goblin King

20. Goblin Matron

21. Goblin Ruinblaster

22. Goblin Sharpshooter  

23. Goblin Warchief

24. Mad Auntie

25. Sensation Gorger

26. Squee, Goblin Nabob

27. Boggart Mob

28. Goblin Ringleader

29. Goblin Wizard

30. Lightning Crafter

31. Earwig Squad

32. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker  

33. Siege-Gang Commander

34. Skirk Fire Marshal

35. Warren Pilferers

36. Goblin Marshal

Other Creatures: (4)

37. Moggcatcher

38. Voracious Dragon    

39. Patron of the Akki

40. Duplicant

Artifacts: (4)

41. Tormod’s Crypt

42. Skullclamp

43. Sol Ring

44. Coat of Arms

Enchantments: (2)

45. Goblin Bombardment

46. Grave Pact

Instants: (4)

47. Brightstone Ritual

48. Vampiric Tutor

49. Terminate

50. Grab the Reins

Sorceries: (7)

51. Shattering Spree

52. Demonic Tutor

53. Wheel of Fortune

54. Patriarch’s Bidding

55. Banefire

56. Disintegrate

57. Profane Command

Goblin Tribal: (3)

58. Boggart Birth Rite

59. Warren Weirding

60. Fodder Launch

Lands: (40)

61. Mutavault

62. Akoum Refuge

63. Auntie’s Hovel

64. Badlands

65. Blood Crypt

66. Bloodstained Mire

67. Dragonskull Summit

68. Graven Cairns

69. Rocky Tar Pit

70. Sulfurous Springs

71. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

72-89. Mountains (18)

90-100. Swamps (11)

Man...Sensation Gorger's art makes me sad...
As far as tribal EDH decks go, I play a wall deck with Doran, the Siege Tower as my general.  Obviously with a lot of tutors and a Rolling Stones.  I don't have the decklist on hand, but I play a bunch of walls, and as much toughness pump as I can find.

Here's my list.  I've never made an EDH deck before, and I'm sure I've done all kinds of things wrong, but it was fun to try.

General: Wort, the Raidmother

Creatures (35)
1.  Mogg War Marshal
2.  Goblin Guide
3.  Goblin Mountaineer
4.  Goblin Sharpshooter
5.  Goblin Skycutter
6.  Horde of Boggarts
7.  Hungry Spriggan
8.  Lightning Crafter
9.  Mogg Maniac
10. Goblin Assassin
11. Mudbutton Clanger
12. Mudbutton Torchrunner
13. Raging Goblin
14. Skirk Prospector
15. Tar Pitcher
16. Tattermunge Maniac
17. Tattermunge Witch
18. Warren Insigator
19. Goblin Goon
20. Siege-Gang Commander
21. Goblin Lackey
22. Goblin King
23. Goblin Chieftan
24. Goblin Warchief
25. Reckless One
26. Mogg Sentry
27. Emberwilde Augur
28. Goblin Wizard
29. Goblin Balloon Brigade
30. Akki Rockspeaker
31. Battle Squadron
32. Bloodmark Mentor
33. Boartusk Liege
34. Boggart Ram-Gang
35. Caterwauling Boggart

Spells (24)
36. Brightstone Ritual
37. Reclaim
38. Goblin Caves
39. Overrun
40. Wheel of Fortune
41. Harmonize
42. Parallel Evolution
43. Goblin War Strike
44. Kyren Negotiations
45. Boggart Shenanigans
46. Coat of Arms
47. Altar of Dementia
48. Dragon Fodder
49. Mogg Alarm
50. Empty the Warrens
51. Goblin Assault
52. Goblin Offensive
53. Goblin Warrens
54. Shock
55. Mogg Infestation
56. Doubling Season
57. Goblin Bombardment
58. Goblin Grenade
59. Lightning Bolt

Lands (40)
60. Shivan Oasis
61. Taiga
62. Gruul Turf
63. Stomping Ground
64. Grove of the Burnwillows
65. Rootbound Crag
66. Pinecrest Ridge
67. Mogg Hollows
68. Kazandu Refuge
69. Karplusan Forest
70. Highland Weald
71-76. Forest
77-99. Mountain

Basically, what I was trying to do is get a ton of goblins out, hopefully by obtaining a doubling season and then casting one of the token generators, especially Mogg Infestation.  From there, this deck has two options: either attack in massive waves, possibly with the help of Overrun or Coat of Arms, or combine Boggart Shenanigans with the sacrifice outlets like Goblin Bombardment (for direct damage) or Altar of Dementia (milling.)  As general, Wort helps with the token creation, and also turns spells like Goblin Grenade or Goblin War Strike lethal, particularly when you have a field full of goblins to conspire with.

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My favorite goblin general? Karona, False God. Sure, she's not a goblin herself, but she's an overrun on-demand and lets you splash for a few goodies in other colors (most notably Mirror Entity).
General: Wort, Boggart Auntie (BR)

Goblins (By CMC):
Goblin Lackey
Knucklebone Witch
Skirk Prospector
Goblin Sledder
Frenzied Goblin
Mogg Raider (Stronghold Sledder!)
Boggart Birth Rite
Goblin Chirurgeon

Goblin Lookout
Frogtosser Banneret
Bloodmark Mentor
Goblin Piledriver
Mogg War Marshal
Weirding Shaman
Goblin Tinkerer
Warren Weirding (Goblin Edict!)
Stingscourger (Goblin Bounce!)
Goblin Recruiter

Boggart Shenanigans
Sensation Gorger
Mudbutton Torchrunner
Goblin Warchief
Goblin King
Goblin Sharpshooter
Goblin Replica
Goblin Matron
Boggart Harbinger
Zo-Zu the Punisher (Goblin Ankh!)
Mad Auntie
Gempalm Incinerator
Goblin Chieftain
Goblin General

Squeaking Pie Grubfellows
Boggart Mob
Goblin Wizard
Lightning Crafter
Goblin Ringleader
Fodder Launch
Goblin Pyromancer
Murderous Redcap

Earwig Squad
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Goblin Assassin (Goblin Pseudo-Wrath!)
Skirk Fire Marshal
Siege-Gang Commander
Warren Pilferers

Goblin Marshal

Non-Goblin Goblin Lovers:
Goblin War Strike
Goblin Assault
Voracious Dragon
Dralnu's Crusade
Door of Destinies
Brightstone Ritual (Oh I wish this was Tribal - Goblin!)
Patron of the Akki (Should be a Goblin Spirit, imo.)
Goblin Grenade
Patriarch's Bidding

Non-Goblin Other Stuff:
Diabolic Intent (Yay sac-tutor!)
Savage Beating
Skullclamp (Why isn't this banned? Seriously.)
Browbeat (Yay card draw!)
Demonic Tutor
Aether Vial

Sulfurous Springs
Forgotten Cave
Shadowblood Ridge
Smoldering Crater
Auntie's Hovel
Goblin Burrows
Rakdos Carnarium
Blood Crypt
Graven Cairns
Barbarian Ring
Swamp x6
Mountain x16

Hooray for goblins!
I'm working on a Goblin EDH deck with Lovisa Coldeyes as the general. Unfortunately, goblin tokens generally don't have a second creature type. It's going to be a very Timmy fun deck.
My Wort EDH Deck, which needs some work still

1. Wort, Boggart Auntie

2. Auntie's Hovel
3. Badlands
4. Bloodstained Mire
5. Blood Crypt
6. Graven Cairns
7. Grixis Panorama
8. Jund Panorama
9. Kher Keep
10. Molten Slagheap
11-16. Mountain
17. Rakdos Carnarium
18. Rocky Tar Pit
19. Sulfurous Spirings
20-27. Swamp
28. Tainted Peak
29. Terramorpgic Expanse
30. Tresserhorn Sinks
31. Urborg Volcano
32. Urza's Factory
33. Urza's Mine
34. Urza's Power Plant
35. Urza's Tower

36. Ashenmoor Liege
37. Bloodfire Colossus
38. Bogardan Hellkite
39. Boggart Harbinger
40. Boggart Mob
41. Dimir House Guard
42. Frogtosser Banneret
43. Goblin Chiefain
44. Goblin King
45. Goblin Sharpshooter
46. Hypnotic Specter
47. Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician
48. Igneous Pouncer
49. Knucklebone Witch
50. Mad Auntie
51. Malfegor
52. Mogg War Marshal
53. Mudbutton Torchrunner
54. Murderous Redcap
55. Rakdos Guildmage
56. Siege-Gang Commander
57. Solemn Simulacrum
58. Squeaking Pie Sneak
59. Stenchskipper
60. Taurean Mauler
61. Voracious Dragon
62. Weirding Shaman

Other Spells
63. Banefire
64. Bituminous Blast
65. Brainspoil
66. Cauldron Dance
67. Chandra Nalaar
68. Damnation
69. Demonfire
70. Demonic Tutor
71. Diablolic Tutor
72. Dimir Machinations
73. Disintigrate
74. Fireball
75. Flame Javelin
76. Fodder Launch
77. Fumarole
78. Goblin Assault
79. Goblin Grenade
80. Goblin Warrens
81. Howling Mine
82. Incinerate
83. Lava Burst
84. Lightning Bolt
85. Liliana Vess
86. Makeshift Mannequin
87. Nameless Inversion
88. Phyrexian Arena
89. Quietus Spike
90. Rakdos Signet
91. Seal of Doom
92. Seal of Fire
93. Shred Memory
94. Spotaneous Combustion
95. Tarfire
96. Terminate
97. Veinfire Borderpost
98. Void
99. Warren Weirding
100. Wrecking Ball

It's not exactly tribal, but it is thematic, and it's certainly tribal in spirit (but not Spirits).

Behold, Lorthos and the POWER OF THE SEA:

General (1):

Lorthos, the Tidemaker

Denizens of the Deep (11):

Sea Serpent
Serpent of the Endless Sea
Etheral Whiskergill
Slipstream Eel
Shoal Serpent
Kederekt Leviathan
Inkwell Leviathan

Merfolk (14):

Waterfront Bouncer
Vodalian Mage
Stonybrook Angler
Reef Shaman
Tidal Visionary
Merfolk Looter
Merfolk Sovereign
Inkfathom Divers
Merfolk Seer
Tideshaper Mystic
Deeptread Merrow
Streambed Aquitects
Merrow Wavebreaker
Deepchannel Mentor

Other Sea-dwellers (15):

Brine Seer
Sea Spirit
Vertigo Spawn
Brackwater Elemental
Tidewater Minion
Gulf Squid
Slith Strider
Vedalken Plotter
Cephalid Pathmage
Draining Whelk
Kraken Hatchling
Giant Crab

Artifacts (2):

War Barge
Quicksilver Fountain

Other Spells (18):

Spreading Seas
Convincing Mirage
Aquitect's Will
Sea's Claim
Rhystic Deluge
Wash Out
Into the Roil
Whirlpool Whelm
Research the Deep
Fathom Trawl
Paralyzing Grasp
Constricting Tendrils
Whiplash Trap
Immobilizing Ink


Dark Depths



This new author takes the "fun" in Serious Fun much too far. Word count: 11x "fun", which feels like about 5% in this short article.