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Hi, i'm fairly new to the magic scene down south and i was wondering if there are any local players or some where people generally go to play? I've had some trouble finding people to play with so any help would be much appreciated.
I checked the locator and southampton seems best.
Yeah i thought it might be. Was hoping i mgiht get lucky and find more local players. Thanks any way
Hi, I'v just moved to Bournemouth to and looking for players, I was prity supprised not to find any groups yet. hope some more people reply hear eventualy.
small group of magic players in bournemouth, message me if you wanna come play. we typically play sunday nights, but do get some weekday magic in evenings depending on avaliability of everyone.


I'm a Tournament Organiser for DCI-sanctioned events in the Dorset area.

Please visit either our page on the Wizards Community: community.wizards.com/mtgbournemouth

or our Facebook group - www.facebook.com/groups/MTGBournemouth/

Hope to see you all at our events.

If you have any questions, please get in touch


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