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Is there any word out on this yet?


The following is from the DDXP site:

Core2-1 Killing the Messenger
Living Forgotten Realms - An ancient drow city, long thought dead, has begun to stir and a battalion of Zhentarim soldiers marches to support it. Can you discover who is behind this unlikely partnership? A Living Forgotten Realms espionage adventure set in the Underdark for characters levels 11-14. Sequel to QUES1-1 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries.

Core2-2 Rising of the Dark
Living Forgotten Realms - During the rise of the Netheril Empire, many battles were fought. One battle sank a Netherese ship, sending it between the waves of the Sea of Fallen Stars. There it lay for many years, vessel and cargo forgotten. Until now... A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Sea of Fallen Stars for levels 11-14.

Spec2-1 (Heroic)
Living Forgotten Realms            

  • SPEC2-1 H1 The Scourge of Scornubel - The paladins of Elturgard are at wits end; bandits are looting the trade city, Scornubel. With the depletion of much needed resources, someone needs to flush the bandits out of their nests -- and perhaps become local heroes while doing it. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Elturgard for characters levels 1-4.

  • SPEC2-1 H2 Dogs of War - The paladins of Elturgard cannot tolerate a threat from the gnolls of the Reaching Woods at this time.  Will heroes step forward to undertake a risky mission to foil the gnolls and their demon allies?  A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Elturgard for characters levels 4-7.

  • SPEC2-1 H3 The Morninglord’s Laughter - Three years ago the outpost of Fort Morninglord underwent a terrible catastrophe, and the leaders of Elturgard proclaimed that any who even approached the haunted place would be arrested. Now it appears that something locked inside the sealed fortress might be needed for an upcoming battle.  A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Elturgard for characters levels 7-10.

Spec2-1 (Paragon)
Living Forgotten Realms

  • SPEC2-1 P1 Blinking Eye of Fire - The second sun above Elturel blesses the land with never-ending light.  But deep beneath the streets lurk things determined to see night fall.  A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Elturgard for characters levels 11-14.

  • SPEC2-1 P2 Scout’s Honor - Amongst the towering trees of the Forest of Wyrms live countless serpents, dragons, and other fell creatures that few dare brave. Only the strongest adventurers can best the dangers within and help the paladins of Elturgard achieve victory. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Elturgard for characters levels 14-17.

ADCP2-1 The Paladins’ Plague
Living Forgotten Realms - The leaders of Elturel are concerned about the plagueland a few miles outside the city, which has recently begun spewing out even more twisted monstrosities than usual. The paladins have put out a call for adventuring companies to send their best and bravest explorers to venture to the border, if not into the plagueland itself. The expedition's charter is to bring back any information about the horrors within and what might be causing the increase in Spellplague activity. This is a very dangerous assignment, but also one that offers adventurers the chance to make a name for themselves by braving one of the most dangerous and least understood threats in all of Faerun -- an active plagueland. It is not required for any character to be a member of an Adventuring Company in order to participate, but tables where at least four characters are members of the same Adventuring Company will receive an additional benefit. A convention-only, two-round continuous-play LIVING FORGOTTEN REALMS BATTLE INTERACTIVE set in Elturel for characters levels 1-17. This adventure at D&D Experience 2010 will contain unique certificates, unique magic items, and unique titles that will not be in the released version later in the year. This adventure takes place after the events in SPEC2-1 and is recommended you play it first though it is not required.

Dale2-1 Forever
Living Forgotten Realms - In a world where even gods die, nothing lasts. Yet, some may seek any means to recover old glory, regain love, or cling to the vestiges of life itself. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Dalelands for characters levels 4-7.

Moon2-1 Darkness Falls over Moray
Living Forgotten Realms - Only a sliver of light separates those who profit and those who perish on the island of Moray. When that light is extinguished, it is difficult for even the greatest heroes to find their way. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Moonshae Isles for characters levels 4-7.

Wate2-1 Gilding a Noble
Living Forgotten Realms - Stedd Moonstar is planning the first, and hopefully the best, grand gala of the season. The Moonstar gala is almost ready; only a few last-minute preparations are needed to make the party a huge success. This adventure starts the major quest Restoring Splendor, which continues in WATE2-2 (P1) and concludes in WATE2-3 (P1). A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 7-10.

Impi2-1 Goblins from Below
Living Forgotten Realms - Strange goblins wielding weird arcane powers have been spotted in the Earthspur Mountains. Arcane fire flares at the goblins' command and the authorities of Impiltur want to know the goblins' plans and where they came from. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Impiltur for characters levels 7 - 10.

Corm2-1 For Crown and Kingdom
Living Forgotten Realms - For decades, knights-errant of Cormyr have sought glory in the untamed Stonelands.  It is common for these knights to bring a retinue of adventurers on such quests, and what better way to make a name for oneself? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure for characters levels 1-4.

So is DDXP now going to be the start of LFR's "fiscal" year instead of Gencon?
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So is DDXP now going to be the start of LFR's "fiscal" year instead of Gencon?

It looks like LFR is going to do something similar to what LG did.  The first "year" of LG started at GenCon '00, and went all the way through the end of calendar year 2001; every succeeding year for LG matched the calendar year.
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Please don't draw conclusions on LFR release based upon the DDXP annoucement of its adventures; Dave needed to provide the list for pre-registration.  I have not heard of any intention to change the typical LFR release schedule, nor do I expect such a change.  Probably in a week or two, Mr Tulach will post in the blog on the LFR group the next quarter release schedule.  The adventures appearing at DDXP could be released that week, or later in the quarter.  They are unlikely to be released earlier in the quarter.

The calendar year will be used for the campaign year.

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