December 2009 Web Comic: "The Wild Son"

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This thread is for discussion of the December 2009 Web Comic, "The Wild Son", going up on three consecutive Thursdays starting on Thursday, December 3.

Wow. I gotta admit the second part blew me away. Not story-wise. The art by Christopher Moeller is stunning in this one (love those fat brush-strokes). And I thought part one couldn't be topped. This storyline sure has the best art of any of the previous ones. Props to the artists and Jeremy Jarvis for overseeing the whole thing.

As for the story - it seems kind of shallow and not well thought out. I mean - why would the sheriff want to take a small boy to the army instead of his grown up and fully capable father? Then, when the boy runs off, they take the father and charge him for treason? What's up with that? I thought they needed men for the army - it's kind of counter-productive to throw them into prison or - dare I say it - execute them. How is it that the authorities are so oppressive of the citizens without any kind of grudge if they seem to be working with a strong sense of lawfulness?

Also - what is it that Garruk and his father do? Are they druids? Farmers perhaps? Because one seems to get in the way of the other (druids try to preserve the natural order and farmers try to command nature to do their bidding).

Maybe all of these doubts will be addressed in the final episode, but I think it's unlikely. Too bad, because this would be the best webcomic yet if the story was more fleshed out. Loved the baloths though. :D
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(I think the reason they want Garruk is for them to be able to to extort (possibly not the right english word) his father.)

One of the better comics, though it might just be because Garruk is my favorite walker. 

Wow! Following Moeller with Kev Walker... I'm stunned. The story still is a bit shallow, but the art is magnificent.
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