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Hi all, smile.png

Thought you'd be interested to know my Syrinscape website is back up and 'alive'.

My host managed to comletely lose everything, but I've managed to restore it all from backup now. Sorry to all those who will have lost their user log in, just make a new one! rant.png

I've also taken this oppotunity to redesign how the site works. Everyone now has access to ALL the content. I've decided to let every member download all the sets I have designed, and then decide if they feel like they've got something worth a donation.

Basically it's free to try and use, but donate if you want to encourage the creation of more content and improvement of the program. redface.png

Incase you have no idea what Syrinscape: confused.png
Syrinscape automatically creates continuous, nonrepeating, sparse, unobtrusive, adjustable background noise for any Table Top Role Playing situation. You can even import your own effects and music tracks. My gaming group has been using Syrinscape for a year and the players love it. It helps to maintain and enhance the mood brilliantly!

Come and check it out at: 

Want incredibly atmospheric background
soundscapes for your gaming table?
Go to:
Listen to mp3s of Syrinscape in action.
Then Download it for free!

New version of Syrinscape coming early 2013


Pretty excited!

It looks like I'll be able to start work on the new version of Syrinscape THIS Monday!

I've had some pretty awesome feedback from people using it already, and I have GREAT plans for making it heaps more powerful and MUCH easier and hassle free to use. One click SoundSet change (for example).

Heaps of people have been asking for ages for more SoundSets... so I'll be getting cracking on that front as well. I have a list the length of my arm for different kinds of settings!

If you have no idea what all this is about then:
Welcome to Syrinscape | Syrinscape


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