netbook and login

i just downloaded magiconline III
tried to play. did all the update and everything
then when i get in i cant register because in the log in screen half my log in box is cut off.
so i can click on try it, or register.
i can only see half of the "log in" and "cancel"

so i cant register.
what to do? 
Wow, this is way old, but if anyone else has this trouble in the future some options might help.

#1) Create the account on a friends/other computer.  Once it's created you should be able to login via the netbook*

#2) Connect it to an external monitor.  You probably have an external VGA connector which you could use to get a bigger display for when you need it.

*Probably.  I log in on my 10.1 inch netbook without issues.
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