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I'm finding myself in need of a major new spell for my that neutralizes guns in some way, shape or form.

It can be by making powder inert, detonating explosives, slowing down anything moving really, really fast--anything.  It can be a spell with  duration, that suppresses them, or a spell with an instant effect that neutralizes them permanently

The situation is this:  A mob is forming, and the Red Army is preparing to gun them down.  So, some sort of area effect spell that will either make most of the guns not work, or otherwise neutralize them, is needed for the rable-rouser who's proclaiming that the troops can't harm them.  Since this is in a large place, the area has to be fairly large.

(Spells over level 5 are permitted--they exist, but are even less well known than the level 5 and under spells.)
Could you extrapolate something from Protection from Arrows/Bullets? It's area effect and it gets right to the point. You could just describe it as rendering the guns unable to fire instead of making the bullet ping off of the caster/subjects of the spell.
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In Mystery Men, the Sphinx has the power to cut guns in half with his mind! It's a line effect, apparently.


Does it have to be something that makes the guns unable to work, or can it be something like Protection from Arrows that renders the subjects virtually immune to damage from the weapon?
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Mutate the Protection spell into an offensive barrier spell:
you cast the field around the target gun user (&save) and then all bullets leaving that area are subject to the effect

- Change the effect to a -4 (low level) to -10 (high level) ToHit ...due to deflection as bullet passes field
- Use bullet damage die size to help it pass barrier
- Make it a 5Hardness or 10Hardness or level dependent field
- Make field effect "Bullets drop 3 damage DieSizes"

One side note,
no insurance company will issue a policy
to a mage with the spell that makes all gunmen ineffective in a fight,
because guess WHO all gunmen in a fight will target first... with extreme prejudice.
They would rather issue flood insurance in Louisiana than insure that mage
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Well, I've been thinking of using something like this in one of my campaigns. I'm actually going to base it on an effect similar to the Change in the Emberverse novels by S.M. Stirling. Effectively causing guns, electricity, explosives, internal combustion engines, and steam power to not work. In universe the effect is two-fold. First, metals turn from conductors to resistors, inverting their conductivity into resistance. Second, gasses expand much slower, and pressure doesn't build up beyond a certain point. Realistically, you'll only need the second of the two effects, but a combination of the two will really freak them out. As for the spell itself, well, why not just make it happen, perhaps as some sort of incantation. I'd use the Unearthed Arcana rules for incantations rather than the Urban Arcana rules, since they're more flexible. But, in the end, if you're the GM, just make it up as you go along. If you're not the GM, well, perhaps some sort of Mass Protections from Bullets spell/incantation might be the best of ideas.
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