Designing a female Dragonborn Rogue. Development Ideas?

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Hi. I've got the idea to develop a rogue with an "agile" build. I've found a pic on the D&D wiki. I didn't MAKE it, so no credit to me for it. Does anyone have any ideas for a character who is a rogue and uses dexterity as her main stat? Or at least, most important one to develop. I'm kinda going to be in a lower-powered campaign... so there's not going to be a lot of fancy equipment... I don't know how important that is to consider.

The pic: Dragonborn_Female.Jpg
Are you asking for concept help or optimization?
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At this point, concept help. Thanks. Smile
Well as a starting place I would focus on her character as someone who was born smaller than her compatriots.  Rogue isn't insanely common among dragonborn anyway, and especially not extremely agile rogues.  I would say this lady was certainly not the pride of her parents, kind of a runt actually.  Make her someone who refuses to back down in the face of this kind of adversity, and so she has figured out how to flourish despite her flaws. 

I would say this person is fun, and light hearted when everything is going well, but the kind of person who gets defensive in a hurry when things aren't going her way.  She has had to fight for everything she has learned to do, and if you're low level, she is just starting to see if she really can do everything she thinks.

Just an initial thought to get you started. 
A full 4th Edition Conversion of the Iron Kingdoms Setting bodgedsigniture.gif Complete with Classes, Feats, Equipment and Races
I agree with you on the fun part! A fiery female indeed!

Not so much the runt part. Maybe of average build... but her father had wanted a big, tough warrior... maybe a son. After all, Dragonborn parents of the same sex raise the child after a couple of years, not the opposite one... so it would be the mother's duty to raise her. I planned on making her... not short, but not tall either... and well-toned, but not particularly strong.

Looking at the pic, you can see that she has muscle tone... but not really much bulk... she would have to use agility, and, at least early on, unarmed combat to supplement her relatively weak dagger. She does have a breath weapon, after all... and fangs... and claws... Wink

The rest of that stuff is a great idea, really! Thanks! Smile

(Side note: For a dragonborn, "average build" is going to be a runt...)

As far as mechanics go, as a rogue, you'll never need more than your dagger - you'll hit harder and do more damage with it than you ever could unarmed. The rogue gets all their damage from their Sneak Attack. Plus, an unarmed strike wouldn't qualify for your rogue powers as they only work with light blades, slings and crossbows. You'd be making a basic melee attack which would use your strength instead of your dexterity.

As a rogue, your Dexterity is going to be your primary score - all your powers are based off of it, and it will be the one thing that keeps you alive and unharmed more than anything else.

As a dragonborn, you get +2 to both Strength and Charisma, which means that as far as personality goes, you'll have to make a choice which will affect which character build is best to pursue...

A. Even being the runt of the litter, so to speak, she has a +2 to strength - she could go for a brutal scoundrel build as dragonborn make excellent brutal scoundrels. Even though they're sneaky, their dragonborn heritage means they don't mind a fight. Go this route if you want to emphasize her scrappy, stubborn nature.

B. With a +2 to Charisma, she'll make a decent artful dodger as well - after all, anybody expecting a dragonborn to give them a stand-up toe-toe-toe fight will be shocked as hell when she starts tumbling around like a circus acrobat and stabbing them in uncomfortable places. A ranged attack from ambush followed by an area effect breath weapon as she moves into melee range is a great way to announce that she's a serious badass despite her size and should be respected. This route would emphasize her decision to prove herself by doing things her own way, adapting to circumstances, fighting smart rather than hard.

The decision between brutal scoundrel or artful dodger could be seen as her choosing to prove herself by working within the traditions of her culture, or choosing to prove herself on her own terms, without being bound by traditions that she doesn't feel obligated to adhere to.


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I am the Lawnmower Man.



I am the Skull God.

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There are reasons they call me Mad...

Well, that was a greater summary than I had dared dream I'd recieve! Thanks for that!

Given what you have told me, I'm going with the artful dodger. I imagined her build to be... well.. average for her race. Yes, average by human standards IS a runt for a Dragonborn... although I imagined her to be like this other drawing of a female Dragonborn rogue, neither drawing is mine, btw:


And you said it yourself; Dragonborn get extra strength. While her main attacks are indeed going to have to be dagger-based, strength could still be used on occassion... hmm... although this strength would be shown in her toned body instead of bulk. In any case, you are also correct about the dodging part...

Option B is best! XD
Out of curiosity, I don't suppose you could post a link to the wiki page where you found that image? I'd like to see if that wiki has other racial images as well.
I'll link you to it, but I should tell you that there's a lot of random stuff on it. Here's the media repository:
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