1x Magosi, The Waterveil

3x Drowned Catacombs

3x Esper Panorama

3x Glacial Fortress

3x Marsh Flats

3x Misty Rainforest

2x Plains

4x Islands

1x Swamp

23x Lands

3x Hedron Crab

3x Creatures

4x Mind Funeral

2x Traumatize

4x Tome Scour

3x Archive Trap

2x Haunting Echoes

4x Howling Mine

3x Day of Judgement

4x Cancel

4x Negate

4x Twin Cast

34x Other Spells

Tell me what you guys think if it'll work, if it won't, how well it does work, how much it sucks, what I could do to make it better.
any thing to help guys thanks.