Old rules question from 1.0

Assuming that anyone is still around who can answer this question, it pertains to 1.0's Pentifex Monolith.  His Soulmeld special ability says to pick one of the 3 effects listed upon his card.  Does that mean pick one each round?  Or pick only one that then remains in effect for the whole game? 

Based on the way it reads, I hesitantly assume that he can pick which one he wants to use each time he activates, and then he must pick it again or another the next time he activates, but I wanted to be sure.
Given that in 2.0 he can pick a new Soulmeld each time he activates, I would presume the same for 1.0. I know nothing of 1.0, just trying to help, though.
Each activation, you pick a soulmeld to use, which could be the same as the last round or different depending upon your needs.
Thank you!  Both of you!  It's very appreciated!